Author: Saw Trax Support

Panel Saw Blade Selection

When it comes to a Panel Saw, blade selection matters.

Always determine the right blade for the selected substrate when making cuts with your panel saw. Standard 25 tooth blades are for fine for general purpose cuts but for more finished pieces it is important to select the correct blade. For plastics such as acrylic, lexan, and PVC you should select a premium high tooth count blade with an Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth design. The teeth of this type blade alternate between a left and right bevel to yield a smooth finish cut in plastics. For thin aluminum and aluminum composites, select a premium blade with a high tooth count and a Triple Chip Grind (TCG) tooth design. TCG blades offer superior cutting through nonferrous metals and unlike ATB blades the teeth are not beveled left and right but rather alternate between a higher “trapezoid” shaped tooth and a lower flat top tooth.

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Panel Saws and Knife Cutters in a Sign Shop

Cutting substrates to size is an everyday operation in a sign shop. The time spent cutting  2ft x 3ft panels out of a sheet of MDO, cutting blanks out of a PVC board, or ripping a sheet of coroplast in half all adds up.

One of the ways to add efficiency to your shop is to have the tools that make the most common operations faster and easier. For sheet goods, a combination panel saw/knife cutter like our Sign Maker’s Series panel saw can really make those cutting tasks a breeze.

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