Motorized Job Site Scoop Dolly

Use one man for delivery of large heavy items like doors, windows and sheet goods on a job site.

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One man easily delivers 500 pound quad doors or triple windows or drywall on a job site. Allows one man to move up to 700 lbs. without ever having to lift it. This motorized Job Site Scoop uses a 750 watt brushless 48 volt motor and a track system to power around the job site.

Weight:350 lbs.

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Scoop Job Site
Motorized Job Site Scoop Dolly

Statistically, one of the most injury prone categories are job site deliveries.  Moving heavy objects like doors, windows and sheet goods around a sandy, muddy, rocky or hilly job site can be treacherous.   Trying to carry a 400 pound door in this environment explains the high injury rate.

Now there is a solution, the Motorized Job Site Scoop Dolly.  This dolly is an improved and motorized version of our Job Site Scoop dolly.

The improvements include;

  1. Tracked drive system that powers through sand.
  2. Powerful 750 watt 48 volt brushless motor
  3. 48 volt LiFePO4 rechargeable battery.
  4. Footprint expanding wheel that is removable for transport
  5. Three 10″ flat-free caster and locking wheels
  6. Powder coated steel frame
  7. Pivoting scoop blade allows loading without picking up the item.
  8. Capacity of 700 pounds.
  9. Comes with 3 amp. trickle charger
Scoop 500
Scoop 500

The Motorized Scoop uses a two handle “T” handle for steering and throttle control.  The throttle has a forward and reverse switch.

For loading, the scoop section tilts vertically and an object is loaded onto the 4″ lip.  Once loaded, the object is tilted back like you would tilt back a hand-truck.  There are 4 different angle tilt positions to accommodate short or very tall objects to keep the center of gravity over the dolly base.    Twelve “E-Track” fittings are in the scoop section and two are in the body section.  An extra wheel can be mounted to the base to expand the foot print when going over sloped terrain to expand the dolly footprint and make it more stable.

scoop shelf 500
scoop shelf 500

Add an adjustable shelf for carrying multiple objects or raising a load for more ground clearance.  This is great for longer loads when going up and down ramps.  700 pound capacity.  $500 option.

A high speed charger is also available that charges your batteries at 10 amps vs. the standard 3 amp charger.


Optional Adjusting Shelf

$500 Option.

Shelf for stacking multiple items and for items longer that 72″ going up and down ramps.

10 Amp Optional Fast Charger

$200 Option.

Fast Charger upgrade to decrease recharge time using a 10 amp charger vs. the included  3 amp charger.

Charger for web


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