Material Support

Mid Fence

Fully adjustable and sold as a pair (left side and right side) the Mid Fence adds a 28" detachable shelf to each side for material support at waist height to your panel saw.

  • Prevent back strain by cutting smaller pieces at waist level.
  • All steel construction – No warping or splintering!
  • Shelf is easily removable for cutting larger sheets
Price: $399

Builder’s Extension

  • Set includes two 28″ fence extensions (also available in 56″)
  • Extends Compact wheel base to 10 feet
  • Easily removed for storage or transport
  • Perfect for taking to the job site with a Compact frame panel saw
  • Model BLEXT fits all models except 2000 and 3000 series
  • Model BLXTSS (Steel Sleeves) only fits 2000 and 3000 series
Price: $420

Sheet Clamp

  • Holds material under carriage so you don’t have to.
  • Especially handy with cutting long narrow pieces on the material rollers or long  pieces on the mid fence.
  • A magnet is used to hold it open and a different magnetic strip holds it onto the center pan.
  • Easily removable when rip cutting.
  • NOW 4 feet in length!
Price: $299

Spring Hold Down

  • Holds thinner materials against frame for more material support.
  • Recommended for materials 1/4″ or less.
  • Does not have to be removed when cutting thicker materials.
From $179.00 - $249.00

Steel Sleeved Material Rollers

  • Recommended for high production facilities and steel fabricators
  • Makes material rollers virtually unbreakable
  • Steel sleeves fit over our traditional material rollers
From $8.00 - $249.99