Coro Claw X 10 mm

Hand-held flute cutter for 10 mm corrugated PVC

Saw Trax
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The Coro Claw flute cutter video shows how easily the Coro Claw X is to use. Crop signs, pictures and shapes to suit your needs by taking off excess material. If you want single strips for a construction project, the Coro Claw X cuts straight through the corrugated plastic to give you widths of any size. Use the scoring edge to bend 10 mm coro into desired angles or cut straight through full sheets to make smaller pieces.


Coro Claw X 10 mm

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  • Hand-held flute cutter for 10 mil corrugated PVC such as Coroplast®!
  • Patented bevel blade designed for easy cutting!
  • Score with outer prong and cut with inner prong.
  • Replaceable  blades available.
  • Only flute cutter that can cut 10 mm on the market!

Hand cutting along the flutes of 10 mm Corrugated PVC was nearly impossible until now.

Watch the Coro Claw flute cutter video to see how easy the Coro Claw X is to use. Contact Saw Trax Manufacturing Inc. today to order this simple and inexpensive tool for your workshop.

The offset, beveled and longitudinally displaced cuttings heads of the Coro Claw X are the most innovative of the cutting heads. This patented design makes the thicker walls of the 10 mm Coro slice as easily as cutting 4 mm Coro.

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