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Today Friday October 1, 2021 is the Kickoff to National Woodworking Month!! The whole month of October is dedicated to all things #WoodWorking!
In honor of 2021 National Technician Appreciation Week (September 19th - September 24th), the Team here at Saw Trax would like to thank all of the technicians out there who keep all the automobiles on the road so we can keep getting great products to our customers/friends! We would like to thank each and every one if we could!

Don't forget to thank a Technician this week!
#GlassBuildExpo is in FULL EFFECT! Stop by our booth #2404 and say hello! 

Check out the Panel Express, the Scoop Dolly, and the Safety Dolly we have on the floor and ask for a demonstration! You will not be sorry! 

Eliminate the need for 2 people to complete a task by hiring a Saw Trax Dolly to do the labor! Our #CartsandDollies act as another employee and takes on the load! 

The #PanelExpress carries #sheetgoods like a CHAMPION, including #glass, #drywall, #plywood, even #doorsandwindows! 

The INFAMOUS #ScoopDolly is a BEAST that allows ANY user to lift and load up to 800lbs singlehandedly unlike ALL of the other #TiltDollies out there! 

The #SafetyDolly (as shown in the photo: Dual Dolly) incorporates an #innovative post system that allows for multiple configurations that cannot be stopped! 

What do you need to move and load?
Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July Weekend!
Let's face it! We've ALL felt that pain. We've bent over to pick something up, only to raise half way and feel that painful catch, or sharp pull, in our low back. It is dreadful! Not only to mention the healing time can take weeks!! It's a nightmare, and unfortunately, back injuries happen WAY to frequently. They happen when we least expect them, rearing their ugly heads and we immediately know we are destined for rest and lots of alternating heat and ice. Of coarse that's for the minor injuries... the major ones can be career shattering! Life changing! Debilitating!

It seems Amazon has been experiencing their own difficulties with employees facing these issues. As reported, they have spent multi-millions of dollars in attempts to increase safety as reduce risk. We don't know their workings inside and out, but we do know material/package handling! 

This month, March 2021, our highlight focus is on our incredible Scoop Dolly! Removing the requirement of the operator to LIFT, the risk reduction is ENORMOUS! Stop lifting, and start scooping! Let the cart do the heavy lifting, keeping you and your back injury free! Tell me ONE insurance company who wouldn't be jumping for joy knowing their clients use the Scoop Dolly daily!

Forklifts are a staple in warehouse environments, but did you know, even forklifts contribute 85 deaths per year!!! Most injuries reported with forklifts derive from the attachments and poor maintenance overlooking necessary mechanical repairs. With the Scoop Dolly, the forklift will NOT be your go to device for quick product movement! You WILL find yourself reaching for the scoop more times than you'll count! No more hazards from exhaust fumes, requiring employees to stop and open the doors for ventilation. No more outrageous mechanics repair bills! Order your Scoops today with the maximum weight capacity accessories and start single handedly "scooping" up 1,000lb items with EASE! Lastly, do so WITHOUT spending Multiple Millions of Dollars for SOME results... when a miniscule fraction of that WILL return bigger and BETTER results!

*Maximize Safety
*Increase Productivity 
*Increase Speed
*Eliminates Lifting
*Saves Time = Saves $$!
*Add Convenience
*Anyone CAN Load Hundreds of Pounds of Product without Lifting a THING!

***Check out this Article that mentions all these difficulties so many organizations face on a daily basis... even the enormous Amazon still faces the same! Bring these dilemmas to an end by equipping your team with a Scoop Dolly today! Your team, and their backs, will thank you for keeping their true safety and security a priority!

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Happy Tuesday Facebook Family!
The Scoop Dolly helps the task fit the worker, instead of forcing the “worker to fit the task,” allowing the company to reduce hiring requirements by minimizing the demand of physically lifting products. By negating the need to lift, and requiring only ONE technician, our Scoop Dolly, and our other carts, skyrockets productivity, maximizes safety, while surging efficiency. Speaking of safety… the Scoop Dolly increases the well-being of operators working in manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and the like, by removing the strain other dollies, even hand trucks, put on the operators’ backs and bodies. The embodiment of “working smarter, not harder”! <-- See Our March Newsletter and be sure to sign up if you are not receiving them already!

#MaterialHandling #SafetyFirst  #MyBackHurts #SayGoodbyeToBackInjury #OshaGold #ScoopDolly #SawTrax
Saw Trax is a small home-grown manufacturing company, and social distancing rules have been so much easier to conform to thanks to this nature of the company. All our Vertical Panel Saws are built to order by one of our technicians and do not pass through all sorts of people before coming to you, the customer. These technicians know the saw inside and out. They ensure our panel saws are built sturdy and square. Our technicians even crate the panel saw themselves. You know they care for the safe transportation of the products because they have already spent so much time building them.
The global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.
We’re truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the world who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for people in need.

We are still here at SawTrax. Feel free to give us a call and see our blog about how we are protecting ourselves and Customers.
ISA Sign Expo® 2020 will now occur Sunday, August 23 – Tuesday, August 25

With the postponing of the show, Saw Trax has begun to revisit our own show attendance schedule to make sure we can see you in August.  In the meantime, we will continue to keep our operations running to provide the quality products you expect.  Feel free to look here to review our Sign Maker Series Package and reach out to our staff if you have questions or would like to place an order.

Check out our Blog below!
Got a new order of our yel-Low Safety Dolly! 
All built to order! 

See more pics and info here:
Max is all ready for our staff Christmas party!
New folding option of dolly is ideal for storage or for delivery trucks
It's almost closing day at AWFS2019!  We'd love it if you stopped by our booth (#9214) to say howdy!
What a great team pic I found on Twitter!  Thanks, Exhibit City News!
Day 2 at IBS-2019.  Michael & Alex manning the booth (SU4007).  Stop by and say Hi to the guys!
Come meet the guys, Mike & Christopher, at IBS 2019, Booth SU4007!
All done setting up our booth at IBS 2019!  Stop by and say hi - SU4007.
Getting ready for IBS 2019!  Can't wait to meet you. 🙂
At SGIA in Vegas, our salesman Bobby helps a new customer.  He was so excited about the saw he bought it right from the booth!
Got an odd load?  Unbalanced?  No problem!  The Yellow Safety Dolly is what you need!
Meet Kaptain Kirk! He visited our booth at the 2018 IWF Show and was impressed with our Panel Express dolly. (And he obviously believes in working smarter!)
The innovation train hasn't run out of fuel at all this week! Take a look at our prototype of a shelving dolly. This dolly can hold a variety of small items such as work tools on its many shelves. Contact us at 770-974-0021 or check out our website at if this interests you!
The rug dolly can easily be maneuvered and removes the burden of weight from the operator and puts it on the posts and dolly.
New posts for the ease of carrying those pesky cylindrical objects such as rugs
Its August! That means time for #IWF2018 ! Catch us at our booth from August 22nd - August 25th to see what we've been up to thus far in 2018! Stop by to get a close-up demonstration of our innovative products! 😎😎#woodworking #fair
The people at Commonwealth Senior Living at Charlottesville found it so easy to move heavy things with their customized yel-Low Safety Dolly that they were only using their fingertips! Saw Trax made customized casters for them that allow for higher clearance.