Dust Collection

Frame Dust Collection

If dust collection is an issue in your shop, this is something you need to get. The bottom of the frame includes an additional port.  As the dust falls down to the bottom, the additional port draws dust away. Includes 4 inch Port, Adapter, & Additional dust guards (4 inch hose or vacuum not included.)

Price: $169.00

James Hardie Dust Collection Upgrade

    The Hardie Dust Collection Upgrade is the only dust collector you will need on your saw! With 3 dust brushes set on the frame and dust pan, a unique hood on the Makita saw, and a unique dust pan. The Hardie Dust Collector is exceptional at removing particulate from the air; it is very effective at removing cement board and fiberglass particulate. This product is the best solution for removing dust while using our vertical panel saws because it caps the board while also having more dust barriers than an average dust collector. ONLY AVAILABLE ON MODELS FEATURING THE MAKITA 5007

    Price: $209.00

Dust Containment Package for Classic Series

  • Dust Containment Brush surrounds saw blade under saw insert so vacuum draws out suspended dust.
  • Coupler for 2.5 connects right to your Shop Vac-type and industrial vacuums (NFPA 664 Approved Vacuum) with 2.5” hoses.
  • 12 foot long, 2.5 inch dust hose is included.
Price: $229.00

Dust Containment Brush

  • Dust Brush under the saw plate will channel saw dust up into the dust hose.
  • Brush keeps debris knocked down when rip cutting.
From $79.00 - $109.00