Scoop Dolly Forklift Channels

Lift Your Product Using the Scoop Dollies into and out of Trucks.

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  • Exclusively for the Scoop Dolly. (sold separate)
  • Available in 25" Channels

Now there IS a solution of how to get your doors and windows out of or onto a truck using a forklift. It's called the Scoop Dolly with Forklift Channels.

Quickly and efficiently load/unload transport trucks that are not equipped with a cargo ramp or loading dock. . Like never before the Scoop Dolly Forklift Channels increase the incredibly versatility that the Scoop Dolly alone provides. (Directional Wheel accessory not compatible with this accessory)


Scoop Dolly Forklift Channels

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These channels consist of a 12 gauge steel sleeve 25″ long and angled for strength.  A flat plate base is used to add strength and protect the dolly body.  Each channel uses (16) 5/16″ carriage bolts with lock nuts connecting it to the top surface of the Scoop Dolly.

One pair (2 total) of heavy duty, steel pockets that allow the forks of a forklift to slide in giving the user the added option to lift the load with a forklift.




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