Which Panel Saw Do I need?

Saw Trax Mfg., the industry leader in Panel Saws, offers several styles of panel saws to fit your needs.

First, decide if you need one of our compact or full size versions. Compact frames offer a 60” wide frame and vertical cut height of either 52” or 64”. The compacts are great for shops or home woodworkers that may not have the room for a full size panel saw or for those users who will be taking their panel saw out to job sites.

If your cutting needs require a lot of rip, or horizontal, cuts then a full size frame will serve you better. The Full size models are available in cut heights up to 100” and feature a 120” wide frame. Need even more material support ? Adding our Builders Extensions will give an additional 28” of material support (on each side) to both our compact and full size panel saws.

Next, choose you maximum vertical cut height. Cutting mainly 4 x 8 sheets? Then our 52” models will fit your needs. Cutting 6 x 10 sheets? Then go with one of our 76” models. Cut heights are available in 52”, 64” 76”, 88” and 100” !

Now that you have selected either a compact or full size frame along with a cut height all that is left is to determine the thickness of the material you will be cutting and the volume of sheets you will be cutting. For a volume of 10-50 sheets a week up to 1.75” thick, select our 1000 series. For a volume of 50 or more full size sheets a week, select the 2000 vertical panel saw. For thicker material, up to 2.5” thick, go with the 3000 series.

With just a few simple steps you have determined the correct saw for your needs.

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