Scoop Dolly 72″ Lip

Attachment to Modify the Scoop Dolly to Allow for Larger Items to be Lifted/Moved

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72" lip that connects to the Scoop Dolly via a new adjustable plate.
• Includes : 72" long lip
• Older Scoop Dollies can be Retro-Fitted by Changing the Base Plate
The product is shown below with dock transition wheels and weight upgrade options

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A 72″ lip plate to expand the capabilities of the Scoop Dolly. The new 72″ wide lip is perfect for moving double windows and entry doors with built-in sidelights! The Saw Trax standard Scoop Dolly is capable of moving items up to 800 pounds, while the Heavy Duty version includes padded support braces to allow weights up to 1,000 pounds!