Shuttle Dolly

The Shuttle Dolly can be used in the warehouse as a fulfillment dolly, mattress dolly, door or window dolly, TV dolly, kayak dolly or to move any large bulky object. It is designed to be customized for the needs of the user.

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This is a larger version of the yel-Low Safety Dolly. With the larger base, comes increased carrying capabilities needed in a warehouse. With the wheelbarrow handle option, a load of sheet goods can be pushed without touching the sheet goods. Instead of turning a loaded dolly around in a confined space, the wheelbarrow handles can be removed and inserted in the other end.

By upgrading to 5" casters, the body is raised from .625" from the ground to 1.75" making greater ground clearance for going outside or over dock plates. There are 7 wheel attaching points. The dolly can be made directional by using a fixed caster in the middle, by using two fixed casters in the middle or by using two fixed casters on one end. To maximize the weight capacity for carrying granite sheets, all 7 caster positions can be used for a weight capacity in excess of 2000 lbs. Upgrade the 56" posts to 62.5" posts for mattresses or to 72" posts for a door and window mover.

Base model includes a steel powder coated box 36" by 29", four 56" posts, four 4" poly on iron casters and 12 vertical post positions. By varying the caster size, caster type (variable or fixed), post length and wheel barrow handles, the Shuttle Dolly can be customized to fit the needs of multiple industries.

Price:$449.00 - $499.00
Weight:0 lbs.

Available ModelsPrice
Base Model, four 56" posts, four 4" casters$449.00
Fulfillment Model, six 56" posts, four 4" casters, four wheel barrow post points$499.00
Mattress Model, four 62.5" posts, four 5" casters$499.00
Shuttle Dolly

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Basic Shuttle Dolly

The Base model Shuttle dolly can be configured with 4 swiveling  casters or with 2 fixed and 2 swiveling casters. The four 56″ posts allow the user to stack up carrying more items in the same amount of floor space like a skyscraper.

The Steel Box is powder coated and made in the USA.

Fulfillment Shuttle Dolly

The Fulfillment Shuttle dolly is ideal for warehouse operations. With the 6 posts, the dolly can be divided into sections or one or two posts can be used as handles to move a load. This picture shows the dolly with optional dock transition wheels and brakes.  Picture with door shows 5″ caster clearance.

Mattress Shuttle Dolly

The Mattress Shuttle dolly is ideal for mattress and TV transport. With the 5″ omni directional casters, greater ground clearance is obtained so mattress won’t drag on the ground. A standard mattress set can be carried in the 29″ direction with 22.5″ between posts and in the 36″ direction, you have 33.25″ between posts, allowing a pillow top king set to be moved at one time. This super efficient use of floor space is ideal for box stores and all mattress and electronics store locations.

Customize your dolly for your needs:

  • Add a 4″ caster fixed or turning
  • Add a 5″ caster fixed or turning
  • Add a pair of 56″ posts
    -Upgrade 56″ posts to 62.5″ posts
    -Upgrade 56″ posts to 72″ posts
  • Add a pair of 62.5″ posts
    -Upgrade 62.5″ posts to 72″ posts (Mattress Dolly model)
  • Add a pair of 72″ posts
  • Add 4 Wheel Barrow Brackets
  • Add a pair of Brakes
  • Go from a Low Dolly to High Dolly with Locking Casters

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