Accu-Square Alignment System

The Saw Trax patented system for a set and forget alignment

The Accu-Square indexed alignment system is our patented system to easily square the panel saw for a set and forget alignment. The Accu-Square alignment system is one difference that makes the Saw Trax vertical panel saws more PRECISE and SQUARE than any other vertical panel saw manufactured.

Accu-Square Adjustment LocationThe Accu-Square Alignment System is set at the factory for perfect alignment when you receive it. The saw will never go out of square with this system.




Below and between the center material rollers, you will see a series of 9 (nine) holes in the bracket holding the guide tubes. These holes are spaced 9/32″ apart with the 5th hole being centered. In the frame behind it are 9 (nine) holes, spaced 8/32″ apart with the 5th hole being centered.






By shifting the bracket in relationship to the frame in 1/32″ increments, a different hole lines up with the hole in the frame. This way a sheet metal screw acts as an alignment pin locking the bracket to the frame once the machine is aligned.



Sounds complicated but you do not have to worry about it. All that you need to know is the guide tubes will never shift on you getting your saw out of alignment so it will always cut square. The competitors have a 3-page alignment process that includes whacking your guide tubes with a dead blow mallet and repeatedly running the saw up and down to see if you whacked it the right amount or too much. (Not very precise). There is no way to lock the bracket in place once you have whacked it just enough, so you will need to keep that dead blow mallet handy.