Job Site Scoop Dolly, manually powered

A job site version of our Scoop Dolly for millwork deliveries.

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The dolly uses a 72" bottom pivoting lip to support your larger heavier items on the job site. With 4 locking flat free pivoting tires and 3 flat free fixed tires, it has a light foot print to go over gravel/rocks and mud.
This is a manufacturer direct item only. Made to order.


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It adopts the ergonomics of our warehouse Scoop Dolly for the job site.

The Job Site Manual Scoop dolly is made of powder coated steel and Aluminum angle construction.  It uses a 72″ pivoting support brace and a 4 position saddle post system to angle the product’s center of gravity over the dolly, regardless of the product’s height.

It uses up to 7 flat free 10″ tires in operation. Four swivel with brakes, two under the body for directional stability on sloped terrain and one removable wheel to expand the footprint on sloped terrain.

The verticals can be used with E track straps to hold the product to the dolly.  The verticals can also be locked to the saddle post when angled back to ensure the verticals don’t pivot up during transport.

The swivel section can easily be removed from the body of the dolly during transport by pulling two pins creating more room for product in your truck.

Two 72″ horizontal padded supports are attached to the verticals for support of your product during transport.


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