yel-Low Safety Dolly

Get 3 to 4 times the productivity from your people.
Move items faster, easier, safer, with less product damage with the yel-Low Safety dolly.

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The yel-Low Safety Dolly is a truly innovative and “indestructible dolly” for any industry. It can carry mattresses, large flat screen TV's, bulk items like kayaks or ping pong tables, headboards, desks, sofas, chairs and most items up to 1000 lbs. With a powder coated uni-body steel box, the yel-Low dolly sits 1/4″ lower than a 3-inch floor dolly and an inch lower than a 4-inch dolly. It's about the height of a pallet. The low loading height allows one person to tilt an object to load it instead of lifting an object onto the dolly. The tilt vs. lifting allows one person to load and go instead of two person loading or 4 person carrying. What makes this a truly innovative moving device is the post system that allows the dolly to be reconfigured for any job at hand.

Weight:120 lbs.

yel-Low Safety Dolly

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Raised Safety Dolly:

This gives the user the option of using the dolly inside in the low configuration or outside with the wheels mounted to the corners.  Locking casters are substituted for the normal casters and a bracket is used to support the fourth hole of the caster with the bottom of the decking.

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Rack & Roll Dolly:

Built to perform, this low profile dolly has an all caster zero turn radius. Based on the same steel platform as our yel-Low Safety Dolly but features 3″ locking stem and wheel casters. These casters are mounted to the corners of the dolly giving it more ground clearance than the yel-Low Safety dolly allowing to go outside on uneven surfaces.

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Mattress Dolly:

When moving all types of mattresses (including pillow tops), along with the box spring, this is the choice. Comes equipped with longer posts, 18 vertical post positions, the high/low box
option and corner protectors.

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Easier, Faster, Safer.

What is the value of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the productivity of your employees?  Can you afford to pay 4 men to do a one man job?  One man can remove 2 mattresses from a hotel room in 90 seconds with the yel-Low Safety Dolly.  It is easier because it is lower than a normal floor dolly. One man tilts to load and uses posts to maneuver the dolly under items instead of two men lifting items onto the dolly. It is faster because you can make less trips by carrying more per load. It is safer because you tilt instead of lift. (Reduces back injuries.) Items can be braced by posts so they don’t fall off causing damage to the product or injuring the user.  The dolly is designed to not fall over if mis-loaded. Instead of falling over, it just tilts and rests on it’s bottom side.  This makes it much safer than any flat cart or hand truck.

The background for this product came from the furniture and rental industries who were testing the Dolly Max.  They needed something lower to the ground for easier loading and all casters so they could maneuver larger items more easily.  The yel-Low Safety dolly is actually lower than a floor dolly by over an inch.  This is because on the standard floor dolly, the 4″ casters are attached to 2 pieces of wood creating a square.  On the Safety Dolly, the wheels are attached to the bottom of the decking of a 12 gauge steel powder coated box.  This box is made of one piece of steel, (Uni-body) that is folded down at the sides and folded in on the bottom.  The side corners and bottom corners are welded together creating an extremely strong and rigid box.

The “Hat” brackets used to hold the posts vertically, are attached from the outside of the box.  This way, the bracket is much stronger. The steel of the bracket would need to rip for the bracket to fail.  This is much stronger than bolting the bracket from the inside where the bolt could break making the bracket fail.

The American made 56″ steel posts are 16 gauge and are powder coated locally. Longer, 62.5″ posts are available for greater carrying capacity and is recommended when double stacking king size box springs or queen box springs.

The 4″ iron casters with poly treads are attached to the bottom of the decking of the dolly.  A special bracket allows the caster to be attached to the corners of the dolly giving it a higher ground clearance to be used outside. With the “Hi-Low” upgrade, locking casters are provided to allow the dolly to be stationary on a slope.

The sides of the dolly are slotted to allow tie down straps including “E” strap.  Using a strap, five 65″ TVs can be loaded/moved at one time instead of 3.  In this configuration, 2 posts are used horizontally and 4 used vertically with the strap holding the 2 extra TVs on the horizontal posts.

“Kayak” brackets are available to expand the decking to carrying wider objects.  The smaller 27.25″ wide kayaks can be carried by the normal dolly.  When asked to modify the dolly to carry the wider 29.5″ kayaks, the addition of 12 “non-standard” brackets are used to attach the posts on the outside of the dolly.  In this configuration, there are 18 vertical post positions.

Built to Last

Stronger, lower and more versatile than a traditional floor dolly. yel-Low Safety Dolly’s Powder coated steel frame will deliver years of durability. The corners are welded with a welded bottom edge making the “box” extremely durable. The post brackets attach from the outside and hold on the inside making them incredibly strong.

Zero turning radius

4″ iron casters with hard plastic tread provide exceptional maneuverability in even the tightest spaces. Low deck height of 5.25″ allows for easy loading yet still effortlessly crosses door and flooring thresholds.


When using the posts in the horizontal position you can stagger the posts to increase the deck size from 30″ to 86″! The yel_Low dolly ships with six 56″ posts and additional posts are available.

Comparison to hand truck and cart

What makes this safety dolly unique is the low loading height and the post system it employs. The low height makes loading heavy items easier and safer. The posts increase the carry capability and adjust to snug items in place so they don’t fall off during transport. Posts can be used vertically to carry mattresses, headboards, flat screen TV’s and thin pieces of furniture, like bookshelves, without the user having to balance the load.

The post system can also be used horizontally to expand the carrying base up to 7 feet for carrying sofas, desk, filling cabinets or rugs. There are 18 vertical and 8 horizontal positions. A “raised” version of the dolly is available with locking casters and special brackets to mount the wheels to the corners for outside use. Ask about the worthwhile upgrade.

Cart dimensions: 30″L x 25″W x 5.25″ H.

Why we call the yel-Low Dolly “Bullet Proof” is explained in the video to the right.  The one piece “Unibody” 12 gauge steel body is formed with the sides folded down and then folded in to form the bottom.  The side corners are welded first.  The bottom seems where the two sides come together are then ground at a 45 on each side creating more surface area for the weld to bond to.   The  weld is then checked for strength with a mallet.  The weld on the bottom and side are then ground down smooth.

The brackets used to hold the support posts are attached from the outside in and bolted in place.  Attaching the bracket from the outside vs. the inside is much stronger because the bracket would have to shear for the post support to fail vs. breaking the bolt heads to fail if it were attached from the inside.

Finally, the industrial poly on iron casters are attached to the decking of the box keeping the box very close to the floor for easy loading, (about the height of a pallet).  The side walls act as shields protecting the casters from obstacles that could jam or break the caster.

Dock Transition Wheels: 
These are wheels mounted to the side of the dolly so that the dolly can traverse uneven surfaces like loading dock bridges and ramps.  A fifth wheel is mounted to the center of the dolly for when the dolly crests the apex of a ramp. Ramp wheels can be added to any side.

The brake was developed for the warehouse versions of the dolly.  It is used to lift the dolly onto a rubber foot so it doesn’t move.  It can be foot operated. When not in use, the arm is raised above the decking so product can not hang off over the edge on the side that has the brake.

Corner Protectors/Connectors:
Prevents the corners from gouging a wall, especially handy in hotels and office buildings.
Also can be used to connect the dollies by length or width.

Longer Posts:
The 56″ long steel posts can be upgrades or added to by 62.5″ posts.   The longer posts allow for higher capacity when stacking vertically and come in very handy when moving mattress box frames.

Forklift Posts:
Come in a pair to allow a forklift to carry a top heavy load without the dolly being pulled off the forks when rounding a corner.  Can be stored vertically on cart when not in use so they don’t cause a tripping hazard.
Forklift cart 003

Forklift Channels:
Coming in a pair of 25″ or 30″ channels. These additions allow for safe carry of the yel-Low from under the dolly carriage.

Other options for the yel-Low Safety Dolly:

Kayak Brackets:  These brackets were originally designed to accommodate 29.5″ wide kayaks.  The standard model with the posts  provide 27.5″ of carry space between them.  By using 12 special brackets, (#3 per mount), the posts can be mounted to the outside wall of the dolly to provide 30″ of carry space.  This extra space is also very helpful when carrying pillow-top mattresses.  In this configuration, there are 18 vertical post positions.

Wheeled Posts: Wheeled posts are used to load horizontally without the balance issues associated with the loading the dolly at one end first.  Internal spring pins hold the post in place so it doesn’t shift in use.  Wheels are removable for easy insertion or when using vertical. Posts are 62.5″ long.  Wheels have brakes attached.

Handles: Handles are used with the warehouse dolly to direct the dolly without having to grab the posts.  The wider grip of the handles gives better leverage when moving the dolly.  Handles are 10″ Aluminum door handles and are mounted to two posts that are fixed to the dolly.

Directional wheel Bracket: The dolly box can use all castering wheels or directional wheels on one side or in the middle.  Typically the directional wheel could only be placed heading in the direction of the studs inserted into the dolly.  With a new bracket, the direction can be changed 90 degrees to allow the dolly to be pushed in the 30″ direction.  Depending on how the dolly is loaded, this provides 25% more loading area so two mattresses can be carried instead of one or 3 big screen TVs instead of two.   With the dolly pushed in the 30 inch direction, the spacing between the posts from one side to the different post positions are 2.5″, 9.5″, 13.00″, 16.5″ , 23.5″,  27.25″.


Warehouse Safety Dolly

Our yel-Low dolly can also be used in a warehouse by adding the bodies together to increase the carry capability demanded by a warehouse. The bodies can be combined width wise or lengthwise.  They can be low with brakes and ramp wheels or raised for easy outside use.

Call us to customize a dolly for your needs and your material to be moved.



Add toppers to longer posts to customize.

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