The Multi-Directional Scoop Dolly

Picture1 300x175 - The Multi-Directional Scoop Dolly

Moving tall, long, and heavy objects can be tricky and often take some maneuvering and creative problem solving get the job done. The Scoop Dolly takes away those time-consuming jobs and makes them faster with its innovative design.  See it lifting the boss here!

SCOOP 140856 220x300 - The Multi-Directional Scoop DollyPicture2 234x300 - The Multi-Directional Scoop Dolly

(Base Model Shown)

The scoop dolly has a tilt mechanism that allows for easy lifting and one person use unlike a standard door dolly. Using dollies this way is all about balance and keeping your center of gravity. The Scoop Dolly makes this possible by having locking legs that adjust the angle. The Scoop Dolly is a pivoting hand truck-like device that is easy to slide under objects while the dolly stays flat on the floor.  The object is tilted back onto the dolly using the scoop.  This type of pivoting handle keeps the casters flat on the floor. Since casters are not angled this dolly doesn’t cause the internal bearings to fail.

Now you aren’t struggling to keep the bulky item up on the wheels. Once loaded and tilted back, the load on the Scoop Dolly remains stable without needing to be supported by the operator. Load it and roll it or walk away!

scoop directional copy 236x300 - The Multi-Directional Scoop DollyPicture3 300x112 - The Multi-Directional Scoop Dolly


The dolly has omni-directional casters so the load can be moved in any direction. This allows for so much freedom when moving your load. Unlike conventional door dollies or drywall carts, the carrying section pivots instead of the entire dolly. This makes the dolly ergonomically easy to use by one person.

The Scoop Dolly has some great additions that really make jobs easier as well. Our standard dolly can carry up to 800 lbs. but upgrades to a heavy duty 1000 lbs.  The scoop starts with BULLET PROOF CONSTRUCTION!!!

The Scoop Dolly has:

Saw Trax is proud of the innovative Scoop Dolly. This dolly makes loading or unloading top-heavy objects a breeze. With the optional leverage bar, other heavy objects like bureaus and furniture can also be loaded easily. Moving tall, long, and heavy objects shouldn’t be a stressful job, and with the Scoop Dolly, it isn’t.  Moving the big box!

Don’t forget to come see the Scoop Dolly and much more at our booth at MODEX 2020!
Y3JlYXRpdmUuNWQ2NTYzOGRkZWE2NzMwMDNhOTI4YzBhLnBuZy01MDB4MTAw 1 300x60 - The Multi-Directional Scoop Dolly

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The yel-Low Safety Dolly is so Versatile!

Y3JlYXRpdmUuNWQ2NTYzOGRkZWE2NzMwMDNhOTI4YzBhLnBuZy01MDB4MTAw 300x60 - The yel-Low Safety Dolly is so Versatile!

One of the many dollies we are bringing to MODEX 2020 is the yel-Low Safety Dolly!

The yel-Low Safety Dolly is all about doing more with less. What is the value of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the productivity of your employees?  Tools like a dolly are used to make jobs easier, and you can never stop improving on those tools to help with life. Our dollies can have you using less time, taking fewer trips, and turns many jobs into one-man jobs.

It all started when we were out testing the Dolly Max at furniture and rental warehouses. They needed something lower to the floor. Something easier to maneuver and easier to load. The standard dolly has 4” casters attached to multiple panels of wood. This raises the height of the flat. The yel-Low Safety Dolly is lower by over an inch! We achieved this low profile by attaching the casters under the decking, which is a 12-gauge steel powder coated body. That powder coating gives it a beautiful tight seal that’s easy to clean.  The sides and bottom of this decking are folded down and welded into a box making it stronger than ever and creating a place to protect the casters. The yel-Low is virtually indestructible.

IMG 20191018 120837620 copy 300x280 - The yel-Low Safety Dolly is so Versatile!

The yel-Low Safety Dolly is designed to not fall over if mis-loaded. Instead of falling over, it just tilts and rests on its bottom edge. This is another amazing thing that is achieved by placing the casters inside the body instead of outside. The 4 swivel casters that come standard with the dolly make for 360-degree rotation in place. The yel-Low is so easy to maneuver and there is a significant ease when loading and unloading.

YSD TV copy 250x300 - The yel-Low Safety Dolly is so Versatile!

Now for the posts! They stand out with their bright yellow powder coating. They are noticeable. These posts brace items. Since the yel-Lows’ 56” posts hold product in place, you can stack items up with no fear of them coming loose and falling during the transportation process. The posts can be positioned in so many ways. There are several vertical slots along the base of the dolly that the posts can be inserted. This gives you more support and prevents a product avalanche. Because the yel-Low is so versatile, items can be moved upright instead of laying them down flat like a traditional dolly. This takes up less floor space and wont block aisles.

However, if you need that extra support on the base, the posts can also be used horizontally. This gives you a larger platform for moving things like sofas or desks. What makes yel-Low a truly incredible moving device are these posts! They allow the dolly to be reconfigured for any job at hand and even help separate and sort different items you may be transporting at one time. Longer posts at 62.5” are also available. Since the posts come off, you can easily store the yel-Low dolly in small spaces. It’s the dolly you can continue to customize.

Who doesn’t like getting the job done faster and easier? Anyone can use the yel-Low Safety Dolly easily. We have improved vastly on a tool that is going to make jobs much quicker and that’s the way it should be. Do more with less.

Come Test The yel-Low Safety Dolly at MODEX 2020!

Y3JlYXRpdmUuNWQ2NTYzOGRkZWE2NzMwMDNhOTI4YzBhLnBuZy01MDB4MTAw 300x60 - The yel-Low Safety Dolly is so Versatile!

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Journey of a “Built-to-Order” Cart

You ordered a dolly and it is on its way!

  1. We just received our most recent order for our “built to order” yel-Low Safety Dollies and the technicians diligently piece them together. This order includes dock transition wheels!

1 Building Begins 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart

  1. This customer requested 35 carts stacked and shipper to them unboxed, but shipping boxes are available for standard models.

2 Stacking Up Progress 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart3 Stacked and Ready to Strap 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart

  1. With so many carts, there are so many posts! This order has 210 – 62” posts to be exact.
    That’s a lot of VERSATILITY!

4 Posts Pallet 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart

  1. Technicians take great care to secure the carts for transport with stacking. Not to short, not to tall, just right for shipment!

5 Strapping Begins 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart6 Strapping and Wrapping 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart

  1. Snug as a bug in a rug! The shipment is loaded and heading to its working destination. We are so grateful for our customers!

8 Built Stacked Strapped Wrapped and Ready to Ship 300x225 - Journey of a "Built-to-Order" Cart

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A short review of our yel-Low Safety Dolly from another happy Saw Trax customer!

Emailed to us from a customer about their yel-Low Safety Dolly purchase:

“We use it to store our fixtures.  It allows us to move the templates to multiple machines with ease.  We may want to look at getting a couple more!”

Our customers love our yel-Low Safety Dolly because of its power, ease of use and versatility.

Concerned About Warehouse Crew and Product Safety?

Yel Low Safety Dolly Boards and Tubes 1024x821 - A short review of our yel-Low Safety Dolly from another happy Saw Trax customer!The yel-Low is preferred by many of our customers due to its concealed safety casters, located underneath the deck, virtually eliminating the risk of foot and ankle injuries due to exposed wheels on hand trucks and forklifts.  Plus, the vertical posts secure most any type of load, including products generally thought to be non-stackable – so your load stays stable.

Yel-Low Safety Dolly Features:

  • Highly engineered for safety + fastest and easiest transport
  • Movable posts for vertical and/or horizontal placement, creating maximum load stability
  • Concealed casters protect your workers
  • Increased bottom line – less product damage and fewer worker injuries!

New! Yel-Low Upgrades:

Yel Low Safety Dolly Bracket Wheel 1 - A short review of our yel-Low Safety Dolly from another happy Saw Trax customer!The original yel-Low design allowed movement in any direction.  We upgraded the yel-Low, and was later upgraded with a fixed caster in the 25” direction to increase ease of movement over longer distances.
Plus… after listening to our customers, we’ve now upgraded the yel-Low Dolly with a bracket which, when the caster is attached, allows moving the yel-Low in the direction of the wider 30” side. This enables carrying a 20-inch wider material load in one trip than before!



See examples below for some of the uses, and check out our product page for an abundance of images and videos!


Yel Low Safety Dolly TVs and Mixed Product 637x1024 - A short review of our yel-Low Safety Dolly from another happy Saw Trax customer!
Yel-Low Safety Dolly with Mixed Product Types
MattressDolly 2Lg 1024x850 - A short review of our yel-Low Safety Dolly from another happy Saw Trax customer!
The Yel-Low Safety Dolly carries mattresses vertically for easy transport
sofa - A short review of our yel-Low Safety Dolly from another happy Saw Trax customer!
The Yel-Low Safety Dolly is Adjustable for Wide Loads


For More information, visit:
Call Saw Trax today to order at 770-974-0021!


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In Case You Missed It.. SIGN DEALS are our December Product Highlights!

We at Saw Trax have begun sending ‘SAW TRAX NEWS’ – a monthly newsletter showcasing a favorite product.

Check out our December promo just for sign makers!  Our top money-saving and time-saving products are showcased, with links to demo videos, and 1-click ordering info.


View the SAW TRAX NEWSLETTER online here

SawTrax News Header December 2019 - In Case You Missed It.. SIGN DEALS are our December Product Highlights!



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10 Ways the Scoop Dolly Will Improve Your Warehouse Productivity

Scoop Dolly Top Images - 10 Ways the Scoop Dolly Will Improve Your Warehouse Productivity


The amazing Scoop Dolly is an an ingenius material handling solution. At first glance, its design seems like a clever blend of both a hand cart and a dolly, both working together… only it’s even better. That’s because it has innovative features that enable one-person moving of tall, large and top-heavy loads that could never be moved with most carts and dollies.
Here are 10 reasons your warehouse should make the switch today.

  1. Functionality. This is where the Scoop Dolly is boss. One person can easily load and move items up to 800 to 1,000 lbs. – all alone – thanks to the pivoting feature of the carrying section. It carries the weight of the load, not your worker. We’re talking everything from door and window units to prefabricated walls and staircases — even humongous bureaus and machinery. (The base model carries up to 800lbs.; the weight upgrade hikes the limit up to 1,000 lbs.)

  2. Ease of Loading. The hand truck-like scoop slides easily under your load. Then, thanks to the Scoop Dolly’s ergonomic design, the load is easily tilted back onto the base, into a preset, load-specific, secure position. The base stays on the floor the entire time! Gone is the struggle to lean your load back, and then try to determine the best angle for transport afterward.

  3. Ease of Steering. Would you rather transport a load that feels virtually weightless and is completely secure, or a load that must be carefully and constantly managed in order to prevent crashes, spills, and worker/product damage? The Scoop Dolly can secure and hold your load, and move it in ANY direction.

  4. Fewer Workers Required. It’s true — one person can more easily load and move items that would normally require a 2-person team. Don’t believe it? Check out the multitude of videos of the Scoop Dolly in action here.

  5. Faster Loading and Transporting. Since the Scoop Dolly is designed to take quite a bit of the work away from your crew in terms of loading/unloading and transporting, this is a no-brainer; it takes less time, with fewer people, to do more work!

  6. Increased Safety. Once your load is tilted back, it is completely secure in the tilted position. You can even walk away if necessary, and leave it tilted without the back strain of lifting it up and putting it down each time you stop. Top-heavy items will not “get away” from your workers because there is no balancing act involved. It’s also safer for transporting your load directly into a truck vs. a forklift, which requires a front-end worker being placed between the load and the end of the truck.

  7. Cost Savings. Let’s be honest, in order to do all that the Scoop Dolly does, you’d have to invest in a top-notch dolly AND a top-notch hand cart, with possibly a forklift on standby as well. You’d also need to pay more than one person to load and navigate larger loads. Add in maintenance costs for such things as hand cart tires, the cost of damaged products, and worker’s compensation for injuries – and the Scoop Dolly is the clear winner in saving dollars and headaches.

  8. Versatility. Carts and dollies aren’t made to cover all of your warehouse needs; they can be somewhat limited in performance in comparison to the Scoop Dolly, which allows you to customize the angle of your load for stabilization of very large and heavy objects, and gives you far more control of it during transport.

  9. Upgradeability. Aside from the base model’s impressive capabilities, the multitude of Scoop Dolly options allow you to customize the unit even further. These include dock transition wheels for maneuvering over floor transitions and into trucks, brakes for completely immobilizing your load, an incredible leverage step which almost completely reduces back strain, a weight upgrade for items up to 1,000 lbs., a directional wheel for navigating easily around corners, and an add-on package for low-profile storage when not in use.

  10. Trustworthiness. The Scoop Dolly is many customers’ favorite warehouse helper. That’s because it consistently provides a low-maintenance tool that is American-made of all-steel construction, with durable powder-coating, casters instead of tires. It is simply built to last, and is the go-to material handling solution for all of our customers.

Give Saw Trax a call today at 888-729-8729 to order, or visit for more information.

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Saw Trax Honors Our Veterans, Including our Founder, Michael Della Polla

Saw Trax Loves Our Veterans

Saw Trax Is Recognized as a Highly-Rated, Veteran-Led Business by Google!

Our Saw Trax founder, Michael Della Polla, has been recognized by Google for owning a “Highly-Rated, Veteran-Led Business”!  Here he is with the medallion he received, and dog Maximus.

Mike Google Veteran Recognition Nov 2019 300x169 - Saw Trax Honors Our Veterans, Including our Founder, Michael Della Polla

Saw Trax Founder Michael Della Polla with the Medallion Received by Google for Veterans Day

Saw Trax Founder Shares Powerful Poem  
We also are proud to share the following poem.  Our founder, Michael Della Polla wrote the poem while he was a Naval Aviator deployed to the Indian Ocean between 1985-1986 (shown as published in Wings of Gold Magazine).
We honor Michael for his service, and join you in honoring veterans everywhere this holiday weekend.

CarrierLaunchPoem VeteransDay 538x1024 - Saw Trax Honors Our Veterans, Including our Founder, Michael Della Polla
Carrier Launch by Michael Della Polla


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What is behind door number one; 8 ft. by 8 ft. Quad, door number one.

For those who can remember “Let’s make a Deal”, this question may sound familiar but for those who have to move this behemoth of a door, the question may sound a little arduous.  The real question is how do you safely and easily move “Door number one?” That is where the Scoop Dolly by SawTrax has you covered.  What is behind, supporting and moving this quad door unit is the SawTrax Scoop Dolly. 

hjgjkjj 2 - What is behind door number one; 8 ft. by 8 ft. Quad, door number one.

“The Scoop” as it is called by the manufacturer, was originally designed to take 500 lb. ten foot wide crated panel saws from the factory dock into the freight trucks.

hhhh - What is behind door number one; 8 ft. by 8 ft. Quad, door number one.

It is currently being used in many industries including the Door/Window, staircase manufacturing and in large Home Center Chain stores.  It can move appliances like refrigerators and ranges, to boxed sheds and pre-fabbed walls. 

The standard dolly is rated at an 800# capacity but is easily upgraded to a 1000# capacity.  Prices start at $849 and carts can be customized to fit the customer’s needs with dock transition wheels, a leverage step, brakes and a directional wheel.   For more information contact Saw Trax Mfg. at, 770-974-0021 or see multiple videos online at

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Alive In 5

The yel-Low Safety Dolly prototype is still going strong on its fifth birthday. Havertys Furniture and Aarons Rental were the two original customers that asked for a very low loading dolly that could go in any direction. This request was voiced after trying the Dolly Max all terrain utility dolly. Based on this input, we developed the yel-Low Safety Dolly.
After 5 years, we looked in on one of the original 5 Safety Dolly prototypes and it was still going strong at Havertys in Marietta, GA. The first picture below shows the original dolly and the second one is a recent picture in that store. Besides Havertys, the other dollies were tested by several companies.

6 - Alive In 5
American Signature testing
7 - Alive In 5
HH Gregg testing

Testing at a large electronics chain store that is sensitive about its name.

Since the original dollies were made, several improvements have been made to the dollies that improve their usefulness based on user input.  For instance, there is 18 vertical post positions instead of the original 14.  The dolly can be raised for outdoor use as seen below.

6 1 - Alive In 5
They can be trained together to be pulled by a tug.
dghgd - Alive In 5
The dollies can be used for furniture, mattresses, big screen TV’s, kayaks, ping pong tables and just about any use.

They can be connected as a long dolly for warehouse use.

So, if you know someone in the market for a portable, all-steel high capacity dolly that has 3 to 4 times the carrying capacity of most other devices and can go the distance, tell them about the Saw Trax yel-Low Safety dollies. 

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Saw Trax at ISA2019

Back in Las Vegas for ISA2019!

Our team: Christopher Main, Robert Brescher, and Mary Spears, did a great job setting up our booth.

BOOTH SETUP 1 150x150 - Saw Trax at ISA2019BOOTH SETUP 2 150x150 - Saw Trax at ISA2019






We had a nice visit from Exhibit City News. Thanks for the great photo and tweet.  We’re think they’re a pretty cool bunch, too!

exhibitcitynewspic 271x300 - Saw Trax at ISA2019
(l to r) Mary Spears, Carisa Sheely, Christopher Main


While there was some really cool hi-tech digital products there, we brought our tried-and-true Sign Maker panel saw, made specifically with sign makers in mind. Complete workhorses for sign shops, we made one machine for all of their cutting needs. No longer need to buy a panel saw AND a mat-cutter. It is equipped with specialty accessories for cutting all of the substrates used in the sign industry, in both directions, vertically and horizontally. This “all-cutting” substrate cutter is ideal for making precision cuts in sheet goods that are up to 1¾ inches thick.

The high tech world IoT was everywhere at ISA 2019 … but a Saw Trax panel saw is a timeless classic!





FS100SM 300x267 - Saw Trax at ISA2019
Full Size Sign Maker Vertical Panel Saw
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