Saw Trax at ISA2019

Back in Las Vegas for ISA2019!

Our team: Christopher Main, Robert Brescher, and Mary Spears, did a great job setting up our booth.







We had a nice visit from Exhibit City News. Thanks for the great photo and tweet.  We’re think they’re a pretty cool bunch, too!

ISA2019 Saw Trax Booth Staff
(l to r) Mary Spears, Carisa Sheely, Christopher Main


While there was some really cool hi-tech digital products there, we brought our tried-and-true Sign Maker panel saw, made specifically with sign makers in mind. Complete workhorses for sign shops, we made one machine for all of their cutting needs. No longer need to buy a panel saw AND a mat-cutter. It is equipped with specialty accessories for cutting all of the substrates used in the sign industry, in both directions, vertically and horizontally. This “all-cutting” substrate cutter is ideal for making precision cuts in sheet goods that are up to 1¾ inches thick.

The high tech world IoT was everywhere at ISA 2019 … but a Saw Trax panel saw is a timeless classic!





Full Size Sign Maker Vertical Panel Saw
Full Size Sign Maker Vertical Panel Saw
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Meet MAUD Max!

Meet MAUD Max, Our Motorized All-Terrain Utility Dolly! The Latest Innovation In Our Dolly Line.

We are very proud to introduce our latest material handling cart, MAUD Max!  MAUD stands for Motorized All-Terrain Utility Dolly… and boy, it sure is!

We took the original Dolly Max cart, which is already a workhorse, and added a power chassis.  Now it’s even easier to move your heavy loads at the job-site, or indoors at the warehouse.

MAUD side view
MAUD side view
MAUD front diagonal
MAUD front diagonal
MAUD front diagonal
MAUD front diagonal
MAUD on the right is set up for granite sheets; left is set up for building supplies.
MAUD on the right is set up for granite sheets; left is set up for building supplies.
MAUD loaded with QuiKrete on a trailer
MAUD loaded with QuiKrete on a trailer
Posts can be arranged in whichever way best suits your needs at the time.
Posts can be arranged in whichever way best suits your needs at the time.

  • Easy to operate – So easy to use, even an child can safely operate it. Plus, it saves back and muscle strain.
  • Made in the USA – Quality you can feel.
  • All electric power – Zero emissions, zero fumes, and full power all of the time.
  • Minimal Maintenance – No oil filters, air filters, or gas to add. Just remember to plug it in.
  • All Day Battery – Operate the cart throughout the day on a single charge.

With a 700lb weight capacity, flat-free tires, and the flexibility to arrange the posts to suit your load, this is destined to become your new favorite material handling dolly!  Give us a call at 1-888-Sawtrax or send us an email at to find out more.  Let us help you with your material handling needs!

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Scoop Dolly At Home Depot

Home Depot loves the Scoop Dolly for their Window & Door departments.  They’ve learned that it keeps their employees safer when moving these large and heavy products, while at the same making it possible for one employee to do the work, rather than two or more. And that helps productivity.  Another plus:  the employees really like it, too!  Scoop Dolly is win/win for employers and employees.

In order to provide the in-store training that their employees will need, Mike (owner) and Christopher (GM) went to a nearby Home Depot yesterday to create a training video, featuring two Home Depot employees.

Setting up to video at Home Depot
Setting up to video the tutorial
Setting up the video camera
Setting up the video camera
Mike explaining how to use the Scoop Dolly
Mike explaining how to use the Scoop Dolly
Mike at Home Depot explaining the Scoop Dolly
Mike explaining the Scoop Dolly use
Mike explaining the directional wheel accessory
Mike explaining the directional wheel accessory

Here’s a different Scoop Dolly video if you want to learn more.  If you’ve got windows and doors to move and load, the Scoop Dolly will make your life much easier!

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Another Great Show-IBS 2019

Saw Trax owner, Mike Della Polla, and Saw Trax General Manager, Christopher Main were manning our booth at IBS 2019.

It was another great show!

Our featured product, the Scoop Dolly, was a big hit.  It’s perfect for moving windows and doors, and also for moving our very own Christopher in a Box!  It’s also great for moving large appliances.  Mike invented it out of his own need to move and load our vertical panel saws.  It solved his problem — maybe it could solve one of yours!

Leverage is the reason the Scoop Dolly is so safe and easy for one person handle large and heavy items such as windows and doors.



Scoop Dolly at a window warehouse
Scoop Dolly At Work at a window manufacturer
Scoop dolly with pre-hung door loaded
Pre-hung door, loaded all by herself!










If you’d like to talk to us about the Scoop Dolly, send us an email or give us a call at 770-924-0021!


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Saw Trax at IBS 2019

Yesterday kicked off this year’s International Builders Show in Las Vegas.  It’s going great so far!  If you’re in the neighborhood, come see us at Booth SU4007.

IBS 2019 Video Team
IBS 2019 Video Team
Christopher in a Box
Christopher in a Box – IBS 2019
Chistopher in a Box
Christopher Still in the Box
Chistopher hanging on tight!
Christopher hanging on tight!
Lowering Christopher to vertical
Putting Christopher back down!
Introducing the Scoop Dolly IBS 2019
IBS 2019 video team introducing Saw Trax and our Scoop Dolly
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When Inspiration Strikes

When Inspiration Strikes!

It happened when demonstrating the Panel Express during the 2012 IWF Show.  The Panel Express is an all-terrain, self-adjusting sheet carrier designed for carrying sheet goods in a crowded shop; over air hoses, extension cords, debris, and other obstacles.  A visitor to our booth liked the product, but he had other needs.

“I want it to carry my sheet goods, but I also want it to carry my finished cabinets.”

the Saw Trax panel express
The Panel Express

Clearly, the Panel Express wasn’t going to be the answer this gentleman needed!  But those words did inspire the birth of the Dolly Max all-terrain utility dolly.  

Dolly Max_001
Dolly Max

The development started with a flat top version of the Panel Express.  It then morphed into a box type structure that enclosed the large tires used on the Panel Express and still used the 5” locking casters of the Panel Express.   To make the box carry sheet goods, vertical posts were used in different post positions on top and horizontally in different post positions on the sides. E-track openings were added to all sides to allow straps, including E Track straps, for use on the dolly. 

By putting the posts through the sides, the carrying capacity almost tripled, allowing it to carry cabinets.  By using the posts in vertical and horizontal positions, many different items besides cabinets can be carried – like mattresses, bales of straw etc. 

The box was later altered to allow the posts to be used as wheelbarrow handles.  Finally, the dolly was again altered, putting the wheelbarrow handles inside the box to allow easier movement through doorways.  When inspiration strikes, sometimes it comes one bit at a time!

Testing is being done now to introduce a powered version of the dolly to make it self-propelled by an electric motor.

Maybe we can solve your material handling challenge; send us an email letting us know what your challenge is and let’s chat!

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Dollies Made To Meet Your Needs

Carts & Dollies Made To Meet Your Needs

Customizing Scoop Dolly to meet your needs
Conversation at the supply vending machine company.

My goal is to design and build the carts and dollies that solve material handling problems.  The original Scoop Dolly was the result of my own need to move our vertical panel saws in the safest and simplest way.

Last week, I met with someone who wants to use our Scoop Dolly to drop a vending machine door onto a pin attached to the frame.

He already likes how the Scoop Dolly makes it easier to move his vending machines and their components.  But he also needed a product that would help him in other ways.

Some of his machines have two doors, an upper and a lower, and he was thinking that if the scoop dolly could help him drop on the top door, like he drops on the lower door onto the pin that holds it, it would add value to just moving the pieces around.

By learning his product and his problem, over the next two days I designed and built the prototype.

The door is positioned tilted back and then when tilted upright, the hole in the bottom of the door lines up over the pin and the door is positioned. It allows one person to attach the door instead of two, and makes it easier on the one person because the door is always supported. This version has a three position shelf.

The resulting prototype allowed him to drop on the top door like he drops on the lower door onto the pin that holds it.  Problem solved!

If you have a material handling challenge, send us an email!  Maybe Saw Trax can help you solve it with a cart or dolly made to meet your needs.

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Superior Value In All Of Our Products

Here at Saw Trax, we have a simple philosophy.

Make A Superior Product
Our products are made with a critical eye for detail, the best materials, and a craftman’s heart.

It’s why we use sealed steel bearings; they will last for the life of the machine and always roll smoothly.

It’s why we have a patented alignment system, called Accu-Square.  That means that once it’s set, your cuts will always be square and you don’t have to think twice about it.

Respect Our Customers
It’s why we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

When you call us, our customer service representatives will ask a lot of questions, and listen very closely to your answers! Most likely, they’ll ask you a question about something you hadn’t even considered – all because we want you to purchase the right machine for your needs!

Yes, we have lots of accessories that are very useful but if, for example, you don’t need a laser guide … we’re not selling you one! We know our panel saws and carts are going to last a long time (like “family heirloom” long!) – and we want you happy every time you use them.

Offer A Whole Lot Of Value For Your Money

It’s simple. Our goal is to have sustainable, profitable growth by providing a superior value in each product we produce, through innovation, customer service and superior workmanship.

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Cutting 7 Gauge Sheet Steel – No Kidding

Our Saw Trax vertical panel saws are probably the most versatile panel saws on the market!

With our Universal Plate, it takes just seconds to switch from a wood cutting saw to a metal cutting saw. The sealed steel bearings ensure that the carriage moves smoothly, every time.

And check out the dust collection system. It really sucks (in a good way).

Whatever you need in a panel saw, Saw Trax has you covered.
saw trax panel saw cutting steel sheet

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Cute And Creative Ideas With Coroplast®

It’s not just for yard signs!  You might never have heard of Coroplast®, but you’ve definitely seen it (corrugated + plastic = coroplast)!  Last year’s midterm elections brought yard signs out in force, and those sturdy visuals are made of Coroplast®.

It comes in sheets, in a variety of sizes and colors, is very affordable, and is extremely durable. And because it’s inexpensive and sturdy, it’s not just for signage anymore!

If you’re helping decorate a school, church, or local theater production, consider Coroplast® for your set design. Check out some of these ideas.

Because Coroplast® is weather-proof, it is great for outdoor holiday decorating! Spice up your Halloween with some yard ghosts, your Christmas decorations with some gifts on the lawn.  Pinterest is LOADED with ideas (of course… that’s why it exists!).

You will need to be able to CUT the Coroplast®, however, and for that you will need a special cutter.  Not surprisingly, we are partial to ours!  You’ll also want to pick up coro-pins to hold your corners together.  Learn what you need to know about cutting your Coroplast® from our video below.  Happy creating!

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