Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly

The Future of Warehouse Mobility is Here

motorized job job site dolly Shuttle Cement png

Welcome to the advanced world of warehouse management with our Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly – the ultimate solution for efficient, effortless, and safe material handling in your workspace.

Key Features:

Effortless Remote Control Operation

  • Ease of Use: Seamlessly control the dolly with a user-friendly remote, reducing physical strain on warehouse workers.
  • Precision Handling: Maneuver with pinpoint accuracy, making it ideal for navigating through busy or cramped warehouse environments.

Exceptional Maneuverability

  • 360-Degree Rotation: Our dolly boasts an unparalleled turning capability, executing a complete 360-degree turn in its own footprint.
  • Tight Space Navigation: This feature is a game-changer for loading and unloading in confined spaces, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Robust Design for Heavy-Duty Tasks

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of a busy job site, our dolly is designed for long-term, heavy-duty use.
  • High Load Capacity: Capable of transporting substantial weights, it’s an ideal tool for moving bulky items with ease.

Secure Payloads

  • Posts and Straps: Adjustable posts and straps for tall or awkward items

Warehouse Motorized Dolly job site dolly

Why Choose the Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly?

Improved Worker Safety

  • Reduces the risk of injury associated with manual material handling.
  • Decreases worker fatigue, leading to a safer and more productive work environment.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Speeds up the process of moving goods, directly impacting your operational throughput.
  • Allows workers to focus on more critical tasks, increasing overall workplace efficiency.

Adaptability to Various Environments

  • Equally effective in warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and retail backrooms.
  • Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of industries.


  • Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Battery Life: 2 Hours
  • Remote Control Range: 25 yards

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Customer Testimonials

Click on the reviews section to hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the transformative impact of the Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly in their operations.

Order Yours Today

Embrace the future of warehouse management with the Motorized Job Site Shuttle Dolly. Contact us for a demo or to place your order. Let’s make your workplace more efficient, safe, and productive!

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Custom Industrial Dolly Carts [Mega Scoop] 2000lbs Payload

Need a Dolly to Handle Extra Large, Awkward and Heavy Items? – Meet the “Mega Scoop”

Heavy Load Dolly

SawTrax doesn’t just deliver quality dollies; we innovate to meet your specific industrial needs. Our latest custom creation, the “Mega Scoop,” is a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions for our clients. Designed for Jeld-Wen, a renowned door fabricator, this dolly is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer in the transportation and handling of large patio doors.

The Mega Scoop stands tall and wide at 8 feet, accommodating the substantial dimensions of patio doors up to 16 feet wide and quad doors weighing up to 2000 lbs! The dolly’s robust design includes a 10-foot support across the top, ensuring stability and safety for oversized loads. It’s the perfect blend of brawn and brains, designed to navigate effortlessly through the demands of door fabrication and transportation.

Crafted with the same precision and care that SawTrax is known for, the Mega Scoop is nearing its final stage of perfection with the addition of foam padding on the front and top crossbar. This feature will provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the cargo remains pristine during transport.

At SawTrax, we believe that the right tools can make all the difference. That’s why for the right investment, we’re willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The Mega Scoop is more than just a custom dolly; it’s a symbol of our flexible approach and willingness to tackle unique challenges presented by our customers.

In your industry, when standard solutions fall short, and you need a heavy-duty, reliable, and custom transport solution, think SawTrax. Our team is ready to design a dolly that meets your exact specifications, helping you carry the load no matter how big or heavy it is. The Mega Scoop is just the beginning – let’s see what we can build for you!

Business Dolly Carts

High Payload Dolly Cart

Mega Scoop Dolly Cart

Large Warehouse Dolly

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Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Saw Trax protects your investment.

Vertical Panel Saws are Big, Heavy, and Expensive pieces of machinery. When you are investing the money into these products, we invest the time in crating and shipping them properly. We want you to get the product you expect in the condition you expect it in.
Take a look at the steps we take when preparing your Vertical Panels Saw for shipment.

Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Step 1:
The small components are packed away in boxes to be secured to the Saw Frame (See Step 4). The Cord Holder is secured horizontally to the Saw Frame’s fence lip.
Example: The Sign Maker’s Series ships with 3 small component boxes. Other units have only 2 boxes with additional boxes added for accessories ordered. 888-729-8729 Updated 07-30-2020

Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Step 2:
A wooden base is custom built here in the warehouse, and the Panel Saw Frame is placed on top and secured to it using metal bands.

Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Step 3:
The Saw Frame and pallet are then boxed in with 2×4 planks and plywood. Additional wood blocks are placed under the frame in the guide tube brackets to support and prevent shifting during transportation.

Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Step 4:
The boxes containing the small components are placed on the Saw Frame and kept in place with more metal bands.

Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw Crating and Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Step 5:
The Vertical Panel Saw is then wrapped in black manufacturing cling wrap and all labels are placed on the outside. A strap with wall mounting hooks is attached to secure the crated Panel Saw to the walls of the transporting truck.

Importance of Crating when Shipping a Vertical Panel Saw

Visualizing the meticulous crating process for Vertical Panel Saws, ensuring secure transportation.

Safeguarding Your Investment with Saw Trax

In the realm of industrial machinery, Vertical Panel Saws stand out as substantial, weighty, and financially significant acquisitions. Recognizing the substantial investment associated with these products, Saw Trax prioritizes meticulous care in both the crating and shipping processes. Our commitment is to ensure that the product you receive aligns precisely with your expectations, arriving in impeccable condition.

An examination of our rigorous preparation procedures reveals the dedication we invest in securing your Vertical Panel Saw for shipment.


Procedure Overview for Safely Shipping Vertical Panel Saws:

Individual components are meticulously packed into designated boxes, with provisions for attachment to the Saw Frame in subsequent steps (refer to Step 4). The Cord Holder is affixed horizontally to the Saw Frame’s fence lip. Notably, specific models, such as the Sign Maker’s Series, are shipped with three small component boxes, while others may include additional boxes for separately ordered accessories.

  • It’s involves a meticulous process of organizing and securing the various small components that accompany the Vertical Panel Saw. These components, integral to the functionality of the machinery, are methodically packed into specialized boxes. Notably, the configuration of these components is designed with the subsequent attachment to the Saw Frame in mind, as elucidated in Step 4 of the shipping process.
  • One specific component, the Cord Holder, is affixed horizontally to the Saw Frame’s fence lip, ensuring a secure placement and facilitating a streamlined assembly upon arrival. For instance, in the case of the Sign Maker’s Series, the shipping package comprises three distinct small component boxes. It is essential to note that the packaging approach is adapted to different models, with variations in the number of boxes to accommodate the specific features and accessories associated with each unit. Additional boxes may be incorporated to cater to separately ordered accessories, providing a tailored shipping solution that aligns with the diverse requirements of our clientele.
  • The attention to detail during this initial step underscores Saw Trax’s commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers. By investing the necessary time and care in the packaging of small components, we aim to ensure a seamless and efficient assembly process for end-users, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction with our Vertical Panel Saws.

Ensuring the safe journey: Witness the secure shipping of a Vertical Panel Saw with Saw Trax.

A bespoke wooden base, crafted on-site in our warehouse, is created to accommodate the Panel Saw Frame. The frame is then carefully positioned on the base and securely fastened using metal bands.

  • It’s involves the construction of a customized wooden base, a pivotal aspect of the shipping process for Vertical Panel Saws. This meticulous crafting takes place within the confines of our warehouse, where skilled artisans employ precision and attention to detail to create a foundation that is specifically tailored to accommodate the unique characteristics of each Panel Saw.
  • The construction of the wooden base is a deliberate and measured process. Expert craftsmen assess the specifications of the Panel Saw Frame, ensuring that the dimensions and requirements are taken into account during the creation of the base. This bespoke approach is a testament to our commitment to precision and excellence, as it allows for a snug and secure fit of the Panel Saw on the base.
  • Once the wooden base is crafted to perfection, the Panel Saw Frame is carefully positioned on top of it. This placement is not arbitrary; it is a strategic alignment that ensures optimal stability during the subsequent stages of transportation. To fortify this connection and further safeguard against any potential movement or vibration during transit, robust metal bands are employed to securely fasten the Panel Saw Frame to the wooden base.
  • Therefore, embodies a fusion of craftsmanship and engineering, where the expertise of our team is harnessed to create a foundation that not only supports the physical weight of the machinery but also guarantees its structural integrity throughout the shipping journey. This tailored and secure foundation is a key component of Saw Trax’s commitment to delivering Vertical Panel Saws in pristine condition, ready for seamless installation and utilization by our discerning customers.

The Saw Frame and its associated pallet undergo encasement with 2×4 planks and plywood, ensuring robust protection. Supplementary wooden blocks are strategically positioned beneath the frame within the guide tube brackets to provide support and minimize movement during transit.

  • The meticulous process of preparing Vertical Panel Saws for shipment reaches a critical juncture where emphasis is placed on the comprehensive protection of the Saw Frame and its associated pallet. This step is instrumental in safeguarding the machinery from the rigors of transportation, ensuring that it reaches its destination in optimal condition.
  • Having securely positioned the Saw Frame on the purpose-built wooden base in Step 2, the next step involves an additional layer of shielding. The Saw Frame and its accompanying pallet are enveloped in a robust casing crafted from 2×4 planks and plywood. This strategic encasement serves a dual purpose: shielding the machinery from external factors such as dust, moisture, and potential impact, and providing a durable structural reinforcement against the dynamic forces encountered during transit.
  • To further enhance the stability of the assembly, wooden blocks are strategically introduced under the frame within the guide tube brackets. These blocks play a crucial role in providing supplementary support, effectively reducing the risk of movement and potential damage that could occur during the shipping process.
  • It’s exemplifies Saw Trax’s commitment to the meticulous care and attention invested in every stage of the shipping process. By employing a multi-layered approach to protection, encompassing both structural reinforcement and strategic support, we aim to deliver Vertical Panel Saws that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers upon arrival, ensuring a seamless transition to operational use. This comprehensive strategy underscores our dedication to the preservation of our customers’ investments and the longevity of our high-quality machinery.

Experience expertise: Saw Trax showcases its expert crating services for Vertical Panel Saws in action.

Boxes containing the pre-packed small components are strategically arranged on the Saw Frame and firmly secured with additional metal bands.

  • The focus turns to the meticulous arrangement of the smaller components that were securely packed away in this. These components, integral to the functionality of the Vertical Panel Saw, are strategically placed on the Saw Frame as part of the comprehensive preparation for shipment.
  • The boxes containing the pre-packed small components are thoughtfully positioned on the Saw Frame, ensuring a systematic and secure arrangement. The placement is carefully orchestrated to optimize space utilization and to prevent any potential shifting or displacement during transit. This step is particularly critical, as it sets the stage for the subsequent assembly process upon the Vertical Panel Saw’s arrival at its destination.
  • To further fortify the arrangement, additional metal bands are employed, securely fastening the boxes in place on the Saw Frame. This measure not only ensures that the smaller components remain intact but also minimizes the risk of any unintended movement during the transportation phase.
  • This strategic organization of small components in it is emblematic of Saw Trax’s commitment to delivering a product that is not only well-protected during transit but also arrives with the convenience of an organized assembly process. By taking these meticulous steps, we aim to streamline the setup of the Vertical Panel Saw for our customers, providing an efficient and user-friendly experience upon receipt of the machinery.

Precision matters: Explore the image of a meticulously crated Vertical Panel Saw for secure transit.

The entire Vertical Panel Saw assembly is enveloped in black manufacturing cling wrap, and external labels are affixed. To further enhance stability during transportation, a strap featuring wall mounting hooks is attached, firmly securing the crated Panel Saw to the walls of the transporting vehicle. This comprehensive packaging and securing process is designed to safeguard the integrity of the Vertical Panel Saw during transit. For inquiries or assistance, please contact 888-729-8729 .

  • The meticulous packaging process for Vertical Panel Saws culminates with the application of a final layer of protection and the implementation of measures to secure the machinery for safe transportation.
  • The Vertical Panel Saw assembly, now configured with the Saw Frame, securely attached small components, and additional reinforcements, undergoes the final stage of encapsulation. The entire assembly is enveloped in a layer of black manufacturing cling wrap. This industrial-grade cling wrap serves as a barrier against dust, moisture, and other potential environmental factors that could compromise the integrity of the machinery during transit.
  • Simultaneously, external labels containing essential information about the shipment, handling instructions, and other pertinent details are affixed to the outside of the cling wrap. This ensures that handlers and recipients have clear and accurate guidance for the proper care and handling of the Vertical Panel Saw.
  • To further secure the crated Panel Saw during transportation, a robust strap equipped with wall mounting hooks is attached. This strap serves as an additional layer of reinforcement, securing the crated assembly to the walls of the transporting truck. This measure not only minimizes the risk of movement but also enhances stability, safeguarding the machinery against potential shifts or vibrations during transit.
  • Encapsulates Saw Trax’s commitment to delivering Vertical Panel Saws with the utmost care and attention to detail. By employing industrial-grade materials for protection and implementing secure strapping techniques, we aim to ensure that our customers receive their machinery in impeccable condition, ready for efficient installation and optimal performance. This final step reflects our dedication to providing a seamless and secure shipping process that aligns with the high standards we set for our products.
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Woodshop News Recommends SawTrax Panel Saws and Dollies

Woodshop News


The secret is out! SawTrax delivers quality products made right here in the USA. Whether you are looking for value, or a quality of life improvement for your operations, SawTrax specializes in delivering panel saws, dollies and accessories to facilitate cutting and moving your materials so you can focus on productivity and growth.


Panel Saws

(cutting down on Saw Dust in your Shops)

Better Dust Control

Fine dust is a challenge in every shop. And while health is by far the greatest concern, woodshop dust also has many other negative effects that waste both money and time. The solution is to catch it where it’s born.

Woodshops create dust by either cutting or abrading. Cutting happens at saws, shapers, CNC routers, molders, drill presses – anywhere the shape of a part is changed. Abrasion occurs with portable sanders at the workbench, or with stationary profile machines and wide belt sanders, or during the finishing process as we sand between coats. Cutting produces fewer fine (small) and more gross (big) particles than abrading. The gross particles tend to settle close to the source, while the fines like to travel. Any air movement will carry them, and the causes can be anything from an open loading bay door to forced air heating and air conditioning, or ceiling fans, or even just employees and parts moving around the shop.”



(heavy duty, tight turning radius)

Saw Trax ( makes a series of very clever carts that are highly maneuverable. They can carry large and heavy loads on a combination of pneumatic tires and casters.”


SawTrax Appreciates the Community:

We sincerely appreciate the mention and kind words. If you want to feature SawTrax on your blog or website please feel free to reach out via email: Happy customer? We would love to hear your feedback on a video testimonial. Can view current video testimonials here:

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Fenestration and the Role of SawTrax Dollies in Glass Transportation

Fenestration Windows and Doors Dolly
Fenestration: windows and doors arranged on a building

Fenestration is a term that might not be familiar to everyone, but its products are used in almost every building around us. Derived from the Latin word “fenestra,” meaning “window,” fenestration refers to the arrangement, design, and construction of windows and doors in a building. As a key component of fenestration, glass plays a pivotal role in both aesthetics and functionality.

Glass, being fragile, requires meticulous care, especially during transportation. This is where SawTrax dollies come into play. In this blog post, we will delve into how SawTrax dollies are revolutionizing the transportation of glass, highlighting their benefits and features.

Benefits of Using SawTrax Dollies for Glass Transportation:

  • Safety: Glass is delicate. A slight mishandling can lead to cracks or complete breakage. SawTrax dollies are specifically designed to handle delicate materials such as glass. Their sturdy build ensures the glass is held firmly, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Efficiency: With SawTrax dollies, transporting large glass panels becomes less labor-intensive. Their designs accommodate various sizes and weights, allowing for the smooth movement of glass panels without strain.
  • Versatility: Beyond just glass, these dollies are versatile enough to handle other fenestration products like doors, frames, and even some hardware.
  • Cost-effective: By minimizing the risks of damage and increasing the efficiency of transportation, SawTrax dollies can result in significant cost savings in the long run. Damaged glass replacements can be expensive, both in terms of material cost and labor.

Features of SawTrax Dollies:

  • Robust Construction: Made with high-quality materials, SawTrax dollies are built to last. They are designed to withstand the weight and size of large glass panels, ensuring longevity.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomics plays a vital role in the design of SawTrax dollies. Features such as easy-grip handles and smooth-rolling wheels ensure ease of maneuverability.
  • Adjustability: Some SawTrax dollies come with adjustable dividers or compartments, allowing users to transport multiple glass panels simultaneously without them touching each other.
  • Non-marking Wheels: The wheels on the dollies are designed to be non-marking, ensuring that floors remain scuff-free during the transportation process.

Why Choose SawTrax Dollies for Glass Transportation?

When it comes to transporting glass, the choice of equipment can make a world of difference. SawTrax dollies, with their specialized design and robust construction, offer an optimal solution for the fenestration industry. Their focus on safety, efficiency, and versatility makes them a top choice for professionals in the field.

Moreover, the reputation of the SawTrax brand, known for its innovation and quality, offers an additional layer of assurance. Whether you’re a fenestration professional or simply someone who occasionally deals with glass transportation, SawTrax dollies are a worthy investment for both peace of mind and practical utility.

In conclusion, as the fenestration industry continues to grow and evolve, the need for reliable tools and equipment becomes even more crucial. SawTrax dollies, with their outstanding benefits and features, stand out as a leading choice for glass transportation, ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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