60T Premium Aluminum Blade

Perfect for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. Works well for plywood and other timbers.

Price: $139.00

60T Premium Plastics Blade

Perfect for plastics such as Sintra, Lexan, & Styrene. Smooth, clean and melt-free cuts on most plastics.

Price: $139.00

Glass Scoring Insert

The Glass Scoring Plate is used to score glass & mirrors so that it may easily be snapped to size.

Price: $449.00

ACM Rolling Shear Insert Plate

  • Dust free cutting system.
  • Cuts 3 mm Aluminum Composite material such as Dibond, Maxmetal, Omega Board, Epanel, Polymetal, and more!
  • Two opposing circular cutters pinch the material forcing it to split.
  • Cuts are rounded so there are no sharp edges.
Price: $559.00

OLFA® Pivoting Knife Insert Plate

  • The OLFA® Pivoting Knife Insert Plate is used to cut or score Sintra, Expanded PVC, Coroplast, Gator Foam, Cardboard, and Foam Board.
  • Knife can RIP and cross cut.
  • Uses OLFA® Knife with “snap to sharpen” blades.
  • Switch from Circular saw to knife insert in seconds!
Price: $449.00

Floating Router Insert Plate

  • Floating platform generates uniform dados even on bowed or twisted material.
  • Perfect for V grooving ACM Panels! Make your own dimensional displays and architectural elements!
  • Fits on all current Saw Trax models.
  • Universal design accommodates most router motors.
  • This set up allows the router to follow the contours of the sheet, giving consistent dado even on bowed or warped material.
  • Router not included. (Porter-Cable Model 892 Recommended)
Price: $499.00