Accu-Glide Sealed Bearing System

for the Smoothest Carriage Action in the Industry

Our bearing system uses sealed steel bearings for accurate and smooth movement of the carriage.


The Saw Trax patented Accu-Glide system has the smoothest carriage action in the industry. This smooth and precise movement is the result of using real steel bearings and not U-bolts with plastic rings like all of the competitors use.



Three (3) bearings are mounted on two (2) brackets on each corner of the machine’s carriage.



The Accu-Glide system uses 12 (twelve) steel sealed bearings, 3 (three) on each corner.  These 3 bearings are arranged 2 (two) on top and 1 (one) on the bottom to gently squeeze the steel guide tube ensuring a smooth and precise draw down of the saw.



These bearings allow the saw’s carriage to effortlessly travel up and down the 11 (eleven) gauge nickel chrome plated guide tubes on the front of the Vertical Panel Saw. These guide tubes are attached to the frame with identical top and bottom brackets ensuring a straight path of the saw. The top bracket is fixed to the machine and the bottom bracket can be moved with the Accu-Square indexed alignment system allowing for 1/32″ incremental movement. This alignment system is set at the factory for perfect alignment when you receive the saw. It will never go out of square with this system.






Other saws use a U-Bolt with nylon washers as their bearing system. The problem with that system is the tighter you get them to take the play out of the carriage, the harder it is to move the carriage.