Saw Trax Industrial Carts and Dollies Menu Page

Faster to use, carry more, more maneuverable, safer to operate, an easy choice to make.

Panel Express
Slab, Glass, Sheet
All-Terrain, Self-Adjusting
Small Footprint, Handle


Scoop Dolly
Doors, Windows, Stairs
Eaisly Lift Heavy Items
800 lb. or 1000 lb.


Dolly Max
Lumber, Sheet, etc.
All-Terrain, 8 Adjustable Posts
Job Site Versatility


yel-Low Safety Dolly
TV’s, Mattresses, Furniture
Easy Load, Height of pallet
1000 lb. Cap. 6 Adjust. posts


Rack & Roll Dolly
Sort, Store and Move
Sheet Goods in your Shop Easily
1000 lb. Cap. 8 Adjust. posts


Move Pro
Indoor & Outdoor
Dock Trans Wheels, low Ht.
Post Wheels for two 62″ posts


M.A.U.D. Max, Motorized
Motorized, All-Terrain
Utility Dolly, 6 Posts
Electric Motor


Shuttle Dolly
Warehouse Use
4″ or 5″ caster
customize posts length



“Safety Dollies can be customized with fixed or locking casters, combined width or length wise and pulled like a train. Custom Dolly Capable.
Ask about our forklift option.”

Industrial Carts and Dollies for job site, store and warehouse

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, just the dolly.
A smaller footprint with a greater capacity that’s easier to use.