Saw Trax Industrial Carts and Dollies Menu Page

Faster to use, carry more, more maneuverable, safer to operate, an easy choice to make.

Panel Express
Slab, Glass, Sheet
All-Terrain, Self-Adjusting
Small Footprint, Handle


Scoop Dolly
Doors, Windows, Stairs
Eaisly Lift Heavy Items
800 lb. or 1000 lb.


Dolly Max
Lumber, Sheet, etc.
All-Terrain, 8 Adjustable Posts
Job Site Versatility


yel-Low Safety Dolly
TV’s, Mattresses, Furniture
Easy Load, Height of pallet
1000 lb. Cap. 6 Adjust. posts


Raised Safety Dolly
TV’s, Mattresses, Sheets,
Indoor & Outdoor Use
1000 lb. Cap. 6 Adjust. posts


Rack And Roll Safety Dolly
Sign Shop Sheet Dolly
Organize & Transport Quickly
8 Adjust. posts, 1000 lb. Cap.


Mattress Safety Dolly
18 Post Positions
Low or High Deck Height
Corner Protectors, 6 long posts


Move Pro
Indoor & Outdoor
Dock Trans Wheels, low Ht.
Post Wheels for 62″ posts


M.A.U.D. Max, Motorized
Motorized, All-Terrain
Utility Dolly, 6 Posts
Electric Motor


“Safety Dollies can be customized with fixed or locking casters, combined width or length wise and pulled like a train. Custom Dolly Capable.
Ask about our forklift option.”

Industrial Carts and Dollies for job site, store and warehouse

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, just the dolly.
A smaller footprint with a greater capacity that’s easier to use.