Rack & Roll Safety Dolly

Indoor/Outdoor Safety Dolly with Locking Casters

Rack & Roll Safety Dolly BSD< BSD BSD Saw Trax
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The Rack & Roll Safety Dolly Cart is the ultimate locking caster dolly cart / moving dolly cart / warehouse dolly cart & all around dolly. Built to perform, this low profile dolly has an all caster zero turn radius. Based on the same steel platform as our yel-Low Safety Dolly but features 4" locking stem and wheel casters. These casters are mounted to the corners of the dolly giving it more ground clearance than the yel-Low Safety dolly allowing to go outside on uneven surfaces. When wanting the low profile of the yel-Low Safety Dolly, but needing the feature of locking casters; this is the perfect choice.
This portable and small footprint dolly is great for indoor and office use. Offers excellent maneuverability and even fits on most rental truck loading ramps! Interchangeable post system offers maximum flexibility to move almost any load, from thin pieces like book shelves and TV’s to large pieces such as couch, desks, or mattresses. The Rack & Roll Safety dolly can carry 3 to 4 times the load of traditional flat carts or hand trucks while being easier, faster and safer to load. With the 8 posts it is ideal as a rolling rack for Sign shops to store material or move product to the printer or cutter.

Weight:131 lbs.

Rack & Roll Safety Dolly

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The Rack & Roll Safety Dolly Cart has locking stems and wheels on the casters that are foot operated making it very easy to use.

The uni-body design is formed and welded out of one piece of sheet steel.  The sides are bent down and bent in and seems welded to make this an extremely strong steel box.  This box is then powder coated for the best coating to stand up against the elements and wear and tear.

The vertical post brackets are attached from the outside making them extremely strong and durable.

The eight American made 56″ steel 16 gauge posts can be used vertically or horizontally to carry a variety of loads.


The dolly is ideal for loading materials onto a panel saw.  You can simultaneously pull materials to be cut from the dolly while putting the cut pieces back on the dolly saving the need and space for two carts.

It can be used as a material dolly for Sign Shops to be used as a rolling rack, taking materials to the printers/cutters or unloading a truck. It can simultaneously load a printer from one slot and hold the printed material in another.

It is used for furniture movement, mattress movement, TV movement or just about any type of merchandise movement where you might need more ground clearance or locking casters.

Cart Dimensions:
30″L x 25″W x 9-5/8″ H

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