Classic Series Vertical Panel Saw With Makita Saw Motor

The choice for people who know what they want like a smooth and accurate carriage using sealed bearings and a powerful Makita saw motor.

Classic Series Vertical Panel Saw With Makita Saw Motor FS52-FS76< FS52-FS76 FS52-FS76 Saw Trax
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The Classic Series was developed as a lower price point panel saw for an apples-to-apples comparison with the bare bones panel saws that are on the market. They have identical accessories and price points. The differences are the standard features that come with each panel saw. When these are compared, we feel there is "still no comparison" and your choice will be the Saw Trax Machine. Accessories can be purchased as needed instead of the bundled accessory packages we offer in other models. This is the choice of the user who knows what he wants and not what we think he should have. Models come in Compact frames with 52" and 64" cross cuts and Full Size frames with 52", 64" and 76" cross cuts. All models use the Makita 5007F saw.

Price:$2,409.00 - $4,039.00
Weight:297 lbs.

Available ModelsPrice
52" Cross Cut - Compact - #C52C$2,409.00
64" Cross Cut - Compact - #C64C$2,509.00
52" Cross Cut - Full Size - #FS52C$3,559.00
64" Cross Cut - Full Size - #FS64C$3,669.00
76" Cross Cut - Full Size - #FS76C$4,039.00
Classic Series Vertical Panel Saw With Makita Saw Motor

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The Classic series was intended to directly compete with our competitors saw, offering the same accessories as their “plain Jane” saw.

Our Classic panel saw comes with the Makita 5007F saw and saw cover, mounted to a spinning insert plate in a quick release carriage.  It uses the Accu-Glide steel sealed bearing system with 12 bearings to travel up and down the 11 gauge nickel chrome plated guide tubes. The guide tubes are attached to the frame with identical top and bottom brackets ensuring a straight travel of the saw.  The top bracket is fixed to the machine and the bottom bracket can be moved with the Accu-Square indexed alignment system allowing for 1/32″ incremental movement.  This is set at the factory for perfect alignment when you receive it. It will never go out of square with this system.

We use 10 material rollers on our Compact 5 ft. wide frames vs. 8 on theirs and 18 material rollers on the Full Size 10 ft. wide frames vs. 14 on theirs.  This difference provides better support on our machines. Besides more material roller support, a center material support step is used on our machine to support thinly cut pieces preventing them from falling and bouncing back into the saw blade after the cut.

The Saw Trax machine is designed with the component system in mind. Where this makes a big difference is if your panel saw were to be damaged or you want to use a different cutting tool in the carriage. The guide tubes and material fences could be easily removed and replaced if necessary. These are the parts that typically get damaged. Since other saws weld these parts on, you are buying another machine.  With ours, you simply get another fence or guide tube.

Speaking of replacing parts, our Makita 5007F saw is an off the shelf saw.  What this means it can be worked on by any Makita service centers or replaced by any Makita Dealer.  This means to you cheaper and faster repair/replacement and shorter down times.  Both frames are welded steel tubing. Ours is powder coated not just zinc coated or painted.  By the way, our panel saw comes with a 24 tooth Makita saw blade while they make you look for their 8″ obscure and expensive blade.

The multi-function quick release saw carriage that can use other cutting tools like a floating router, razor knife, glass cutter, and rolling aluminum composite shear. This saw can be purchased with additional accessories or upgrade to our Varsity and 1000 series saws that have a bundled accessory package that is discounted but not required for cutting.



Including all the standard features, like a Makita 5007F circular saw on a spinning insert plate for both vertical and horizontal cuts and a dust containment hood and viewing port, our Classic Series Panel Saws are perfect for hobbyists.

With Saw Trax Mfg., Inc.’s patented Accu-Square alignment system assuring that your machine will never go out of square, the Classic Series is reliable, accurate and easy to learn, and is the right tool for the person who wants what they want.