Dual Rip Gauge

DRGS52 for 52" cross cut machine, DRGS64 for 64" cross cut machine, DRGS76 for 76" cross cut machine

  • Pointers and measuring tape included in this item.
  • For fast and easy rip cuts.
  • Use the pointer to set rip measurement.
  • An upper and lower pointer can be used to set rip widths from either direction.
  • A lower spring maintains tape measure tension.
  • Please specify cross cut of your machine, 52", 64" or 76" so the correct backing can be sent.
From $59.00 - $59.00

Stop Block with Bar for Strips

  • For fast, repetitive cuts.
  • Strip support allows you to make cuts less than 1 inch wide.
  • Can be placed on right or left lower fence or mid fence.
Price: $139.00

Flip Stop System

Available in two sizes: 56" FSTP56 or 96" FSTP96

  • Perfect for use with longer sheets or where cutting exact lengths repetitively.
  • Can be placed on either the right or left side of machine.
  • Includes specialized aluminum extrusion, measuring tape and two adjustable stops.
  • Available in 56″ or 96″ lengths.
  • When ordering, please specify size: 56" FSTP56 or 96" FSTP96
From $359.00 - $419.00

Measuring Tapes

  • Self-Adhesive metal tape.
  • Can be applied to left or right side of the machine.
  • Can be used on lower fence or mid-fence.
Price: $29.00

Laser Guide

  • Set to illuminate cut line of your circular saw or knife cutter insert.
  • Great for trimming prints in the sign industry.
  • Uses standard batteries found locally.
Price: $259.00