3000 Series 10″ Vertical Panel Saw

Full Size 10" Vertical Panel Saw starting under $6,000.00

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For those looking for a 10" panel saw on a budget, look no further. Now the users have the ability to cut thicker material, like doors, or the convenience of using their 10" table saw blades in a panel saw for way under the $20,000 starting price of other panel saws. The 3000 Series Vertical Panel Saw does not require 3 phase power so you do not need to rewire your shop. Now the smaller, value-oriented buyer has the ability to cut with the 10" saw blades like the more expensive machines at a fraction of the price. This series is ideal for customers that need to break down sheet goods up to 2½ inches thick with precision cuts. We recommend this saw for all users needing a greater depth of cut or the finer cuts offered by the larger 10" saw blades.

Price:$5,249.00 - $5,669.00
Weight:0 lbs.

Available ModelsPrice
50" Cross Cut - Full Size - #3050$5,249.00
62" Cross Cut - Full Size - #3062$5,459.00
74" Cross Cut - Full Size - #3074$5,669.00
3000 Series 10″ Vertical Panel Saw

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We have created the “Model T” for cabinet shops in that we offer an affordable 10″ vertical panel saw that most serious cabinet or wood shops can afford without going into debt.  The single phase 115-volt saw means that you do not have to rewire your shop for the 230-volt, 3 phase power requirements of other 10″ panel  saws.

The 3000 Series of our vertical panel saws comes in 3 sizes of frames for different crosscutting requirements, 50″ crosscut (3052), 62″ crosscut (3062) and 74 inch crosscut (3074).  It has an unlimited rip cut capability in either direction.

It uses our sealed steel bearings system on our quick release carriage.  For 2021 we have transitioned to the Makita 10 inch HS0600 circular saw mounted on a spinning insert plate.  It uses steel sleeve covers over the material rollers acting like a suit of armor protecting the rollers from damage.

Like all panel saws, the 3000 Series Vertical Panel Saw is fitted with Saw Trax Mfg., Inc.’s patented Accu-Square alignment system preventing your machine from ever going out of square.  The dust system includes a dust shroud around the saw blade like a CNC router, a dust bonnet for the saw, a 12 ft. by 2.5″ dust hose and a hose coupler.  The folding stand is factory attached saving set up time.  The frame wheels allow you to move your machine into place without having to pick it up.  The measuring systems includes 2 rip pointers with a vertical tape and a horizontal stop with two horizontal tapes.  A strip bar is included with the stop to safely cut strips on your machine.

Product Overview

Designed for customers who want the convenience of using their 10″ saw blades, or want the depth of cut that the 10″ saw blades offer, this saw is the perfect choice.  It is ideal for cutting thicker material such as doors or to use specialty 10″ saw blades for finer cuts on problematic materials such as melamine. The 3000 Series Vertical Panel Saw includes standard features plus an accessory package we would recommend to most customers.

This series unit is ideal for customers that need to break down sheet goods that are up to  2 ½ inches thick with precision cuts.

If you are looking for a deep cut, accurate panel saw to use your 10″ saw blades, with unlimited rip cut capability, that is ideal for cutting thicker material, the 3000 Series Panel Saw is what you want. Contact us today!

Standard Equipment

  • Accu-Square Alignment System
  • Accu-Glide Sealed Bearing System
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Nickel Chrome Plated Guide Tubes
  • Quick Release Carriage with 2 Locks
  • Retraction Mechanism
  • Cord Holder
  • Center Material Support