Dolly and Cart Accessories

These items may not be applicable to all of the carts and dollies.

Dock Transition Wheels

Move Up and Down Ramps with Ease

  • Price: (set of 4 transition wheels)
  • Includes 1 extra caster for center of dolly.
  • Used for taking the low 4" caster dolly in and out of trucks over dock plates.
  • Comes with an extra caster under the dolly and 4 side wheels. (2 front/2 back)
Price: $109.95


Secure Your Dolly In Place

  • Price: (set of two)
  • Each brake has a 600 lb load rating.
Price: $129.95

Additional Post Lengths

Extra Support Vertically

  • Price for pairs or single posts.
  • Not available for the Scoop Dolly or Panel Express.
  • Our standard posts are 56" long.
  • We recommend the 62.5" posts for Mattresses and 72" posts for Doors and/or Windows.
From $30.00 - $70.00

Corner Protectors/Connectors

  • Price: (set of 4)
  • Prevents the corners from gouging a wall, especially handy in hotels and office buildings.
  • Also can be used to connect the dollies by length or width.
Price: $29.95

Directional Wheel

Move Over Long Distances With More Control.

  • Exclusively for the Scoop Dolly.
  • The directional wheel engages a fixed wheel so the dolly can be steered by one person more easily. Allows the user to push a product over long distances in a warehouse or onto a truck.
Price: $69.95

Weight Upgrade

The Scoop is weight upgraded from 800 lbs to 1000 lbs by adding a center caster and support planks. This allows you to move heavier loads.

Price: $59.95

Forklift Channels

Lift Your Dollies into Trucks and onto Ledges

  • Exclusively for the yel-Low Safety Dolly. (sold separate)
  • Available in 25" and 30" Channels
From $325.00 - $375.00

Forklift Posts

For Moving Top Heavy Loads

  • Price: (set of 2)
  • Stores vertically.
  • Exclusively for the yel-Low Dolly.
Price: $149.95

Foot Leverage Bar

Get More Leverage on Large & Heavy Items

  • Can be used with restraining strap.
  • Option not available for with Folding Lock.
  • Exclusively for the Scoop Dolly.
Price: $299.00

Load Puller Stick

Great Accessory To Help Load Your Scoop Dolly

  • Use this heavy-duty load puller stick to help you to pull back the tall objects you are loading onto the Scoop. Hangs conveniently onto the Scoop so that it's there whenever you need it.
Price: $39.95

Heavy Duty L Pull Hook

Secure Loads When Tilted Back

  • For use with the Scoop Dolly.
  • Straps and connectors not included.
Price: $60.00

Folding Lock

Lock & Store

  • Scoop dollies adjustable angle can be locked in place.
  • Option not available with Leverage Step.
  • Exclusively for the Scoop Dolly.
Price: $39.95

Shephard’s Hook

Easy 1-Man Operations

  • Hold entire window and door assemblies when tilting Scoop Dolly forward.
  • Prevents tipping on tall objects.
  • Exclusively for the Scoop Dolly.
Price: $179.00

Pivoting Shelf

  • Exclusively for the Panel Express.
  • Increase the carrying capacity of the dolly by adding a shelf where sheet material can be leaned against or extra items can be carried.
Price: $69.95

Tool Box

  • Exclusively for the Panel Express.
  • Fits under the pivoting handle for carrying tools or straps along with your Panel Express.
Price: $29.95