Game changer for handling and working with 4×8 sheets, which so many projects begin with. The saw works easily and is very repeatable and precise. I’ve just about retired my saw horses and circular saw.

Tom Butz

We cut a lot of plywood for our online store and the saw we purchased has done really well for us. We’ve had it about 4 years now. Parts are easy to get and the people are very courteous, understanding and helpful.

Tommy Harris

Good Machine… blade that comes with it is course so if you want to do fine cuts will need to add one yourself but blade changes are easy. Works well for cross cutting our hardwood and softwood panels. We have a 3000 series machine with the 10″ Milwaukee saw… I do wish it had a simple on- off button instead of the trigger lock. We cut 30 to 100 panels a week on it.

Tyler Ruegsegger

Great Saw – I recommend getting the Aluminum & Plastic saw blades – well worth the investment.

Terence Miller

Russell Palacio

Great product, has stood up to the work load, and I would recommend getting one for your shop. The machine is well thought out, and requires minimal maintenance.

Drew Dedo

One of few great companies left in the USA. I purchased a saw trax from them during a convention. It arrived damaged not due to them but due to the shipping company. They sent me everything I needed to fix it. Within a few months I was having problems with it and they send me a brand new one. A few months later I had another issue with it and they talked us through the problem and sent a new replacement part. Great people great company great product!!

Miss Mac

Customer service was great – live person who answered right away and helped answer my questions in an effort to guide me on the right purchase (1st panel saw purchase). She set clear expectations on timing, set-up and delivery. Product arrived on time and required minimal set-up. Converting from a table saw to a panel saw has saved a lot of time and space. We can move the saw around when not in use and we can cut 2 sheets of plywood at a time versus one. At a minimum, we cut our production by 50%. It does it’s job.

Wes Bonine

Very helpful when help was needed. However assembly videos need updating

David Chin

Stephen Oser

great people and stand behind there products !

ken reed

Kosta Kollias

My experience with Saw Trax Manufacturing was A+++. Their response was addressed my need and promptly filled my request to sole the need I had.

Jim Dayneko

Superior quality and service… We have two different panel saws… Saw Trax is definitely the better one…

Chris Long

Good day to the staff at Saw Trax. My name is Seon and I operate kitchen manufacturing business on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. I am happy with my panel saw as it is one of the key equipment in my shop. Thanks you Saw Trax and to you support staff who are so helpful.

Seon Mckend

All sign orders that Nationwide Discount Printing has done so far look good. I really don’t see anything negative up to today. In other words pleased. Thanks for the great customer service.

Michael Plattner

Thank you very much Dustin for your positive rating. We sincerely appreciate it.

Dustin Shaffer

Purchased the 1052 for me and my husband’s shop a few weeks ago after having a Safety Speed Cut for two years and I must say, this blows them right out of the water!

Kye Enrica

Amazing staff and quality products.

Rachel Cronan

Excellent experience with this company and the Panel Saw we purchased for our business. Real people answer the phones.


Top notch customer service. Answered all my questions, staff very knowledgeable on all products and explained in great detail in helping me on a future purchase. I would highly recommend the products and this company to any consumer or company looking to purchase from Saw Trax!!!

Amy Dobry

I just opened my sign shop and heard great things about their saws. I called in to ask some questions and get pointed in the right direction. The customer service was spot on. No automative service, real people giving detailed advice. I’m impressed! Will be making purchase in near future. Oh yes, I was recommended the FS52SM for my fellow sign buddies looking to start up their businesses

DeWitt Gilmore