Good day to the staff at Saw Trax. My name is Seon and I operate kitchen manufacturing business on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. I am happy with my panel saw as it is one of the key equipment in my shop. Thanks you Saw Trax and to you support staff who are so helpful.

First, it did not sell the saw, but it was definitely nice that this company is certified veteran owned. My dad was a marine. This was a nice plus. The experience started well with the Saw Trax people fielding my calls. I had to settle for the 52 inch varsity saw because of my shop ceiling height. I max out at 89 inches. I might have been able to get a taller saw but I’d have had to take out ceiling panels and the retraction adjustment would have been difficult. Robert at Saw Trax prevented me from making a big mistake here. My biggest fear after the purchase was the weight and getting the saw into my shop. I live in a forest and the big trucks cannot get to my house. I spoke to the carrier and they brought the saw to my house on a trailer and even helped me, my son, and my grandson unload it onto my patio. Most of the weight is in the wooden packing container and it took some time to get to the saw. Unpacking was the biggest job in the whole experience. I had to do that because the packing was too high to get in my basement door. This thing is WELL PACKED. Once out of the crate it was almost a snooze to get into the house because the wheels and balance are excellent. I could have done it by myself if I had to. Assembly was another snooze. Most everything was done as delivered. All holes aligned and all bolts and necessary special wrenches were included. Cuts were square out of the crate. The instructions were great, and I was up and running in under an hour. I also bought the extensions, which I recommend because I’m not 18 anymore and I need help with full size panels. They are not cheap, but the are not CHEAP. I have used the saw now and am very happy with it. There are some things I’m going to have to get used to. I don’t trust the measurements on the tape with very critical work. I was the one who put it on but this is still not quite as easy as the instructions suggest. The tape is rolled and long and getting it started while dealing with a coiled tape can be a pain. Here is why it is important. I have to do some duct work to get an attachment to my cyclone and I believe the bottom dust collection piece should be included with the saw. I believe I can make something for that to catch the dust at the bottom of the saw. The hose for the saw itself is included. I attached it to my shop vac and can’t wait to hook it into my cyclone top and bottom. There is a viewing window and light to help align blade to cut, but it is not a direct view and the brushes that help with dust direction can get in the way. I found this a little tedious to get aligned to my marks. Still, my first project went very well. I cut to NEAR what I want and then trim to exact with my table saw. This was always my intention for this saw. I bought the panel saw to cut down plywood sheeting and I’m really happy with what I get in the small footprint in my shop. My one concern is that when I rip plywood, the part above the cut eventually falls on the blade. There is no kind of support to keep that from happening. This is NOT a problem with the saw, just a reality that I’m not sure how to deal with just yet. Perhaps someone will figure out (or already has) some kind if riving knife attachment to align with the kerf and keep the cutoff from binding the blade at the end of the cut. I’ll have to do some research. The panel saw is a big investment. That is the only tears I expect to shed over this. I’m happy. The construction is excellent. Assembly was easy. Using it is very easy. I’ll get used to cutting to size. The service was excellent start to finish including with the shipping company. Excellence deserves acknowledgement. This company, and this tool, are stellar. I’d buy this again in a heartbeat!

Great to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a real person. Really helpful and friendly customer service!

Great customer service! Amanda was very attentive to our needs. I highly recommend using SawTrax services.

All sign orders that Nationwide Discount Printing has done so far look good. I really don’t see anything negative up to today. In other words pleased. Thanks for the great customer service.

Michael Plattner