The yel-Low Safety Dolly is so Versatile!

One of the many dollies we are bringing to MODEX 2020 is the yel-Low Safety Dolly!

The yel-Low Safety Dolly is all about doing more with less. What is the value of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the productivity of your employees?  Tools like a dolly are used to make jobs easier, and you can never stop improving on those tools to help with life. Our dollies can have you using less time, taking fewer trips, and turns many jobs into one-man jobs.

It all started when we were out testing the Dolly Max at furniture and rental warehouses. They needed something lower to the floor. Something easier to maneuver and easier to load. The standard dolly has 4” casters attached to multiple panels of wood. This raises the height of the flat. The yel-Low Safety Dolly is lower by over an inch! We achieved this low profile by attaching the casters under the decking, which is a 12-gauge steel powder coated body. That powder coating gives it a beautiful tight seal that’s easy to clean.  The sides and bottom of this decking are folded down and welded into a box making it stronger than ever and creating a place to protect the casters. The yel-Low is virtually indestructible.

The yel-Low Safety Dolly is designed to not fall over if mis-loaded. Instead of falling over, it just tilts and rests on its bottom edge. This is another amazing thing that is achieved by placing the casters inside the body instead of outside. The 4 swivel casters that come standard with the dolly make for 360-degree rotation in place. The yel-Low is so easy to maneuver and there is a significant ease when loading and unloading.

Now for the posts! They stand out with their bright yellow powder coating. They are noticeable. These posts brace items. Since the yel-Lows’ 56” posts hold product in place, you can stack items up with no fear of them coming loose and falling during the transportation process. The posts can be positioned in so many ways. There are several vertical slots along the base of the dolly that the posts can be inserted. This gives you more support and prevents a product avalanche. Because the yel-Low is so versatile, items can be moved upright instead of laying them down flat like a traditional dolly. This takes up less floor space and wont block aisles.

However, if you need that extra support on the base, the posts can also be used horizontally. This gives you a larger platform for moving things like sofas or desks. What makes yel-Low a truly incredible moving device are these posts! They allow the dolly to be reconfigured for any job at hand and even help separate and sort different items you may be transporting at one time. Longer posts at 62.5” are also available. Since the posts come off, you can easily store the yel-Low dolly in small spaces. It’s the dolly you can continue to customize.

Who doesn’t like getting the job done faster and easier? Anyone can use the yel-Low Safety Dolly easily. We have improved vastly on a tool that is going to make jobs much quicker and that’s the way it should be. Do more with less.

Come Test The yel-Low Safety Dolly at MODEX 2020!

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