The Versatile Dolly Max

Recently I bought an assortment of wood to build shelves in my garage.

I had two by fours,  pieces of plywood, one by fours, and two by twos, all tossed into the back of my pickup. When I unloaded my truck, I was able to stack the wood in sections of my Dolly Max.  This made it really easy to roll the wood right to my worktable and pull the right piece out, instead of walking back and forth and rummaging through the pile of stuff.

In the garage I have folding sawhorses that I was able to pull out, throw a sheet of plywood on, and use as a worktable to build the shelves.

What I really liked about this dolly was that I was able to sort the wood instead of rummaging through a stack of random lumber and looking for the right piece.  I was also able to see where the knots were in certain pieces so that I could use those pieces on non-critical support areas.

I’ve used this Dolly Max a number of times for moving items, but it turned out great as a mobile lumber rack!  I was able to take it right up to my chop saw and work table.  Having the wood sorted like this made building the shelves easier and faster.

Every time I use the Dolly Max, it seems I find a new purpose for it!  It is one of the best purchases I have made for my garage and workshop.  I may even take the dolly on my next trip to the lumber store and load it there, so it will already be organized when I get home.

I think the employees there might get a little jealous.  Would that be showing off?  Maybe, but what the heck!

truck full of shelving wood
Dolly Max loaded with shelving wood

Dolly Max worked great to sort out the wood!

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