The New Normal – Getting Back to Business

The ISA International Sign Expo back in April may have been cancelled, but the world is picking back up and changing. As we get back to business, protective barriers and signage have become more prominent than ever. Clear plastics are being utilized for their ability to keep people safe and keep business going.

Our Vertical Panel Saw Sign Maker Package is perfect for cutting these barriers that are becoming an industry standard. These panel saws were designed specifically for the multitude of materials used in sign shops.Our patented Accu-Square alignment system assures that your machine will never go out of square. Our unique sealed roller bearing system provides for smoother carriage action and tighter tolerances. The Sign Maker Series comes with a lot of great features such as the pivoting knife insert and spring hold down.


Sign Maker FS52Sign Maker C52

  • Pivoting Knife Cutter and Makita 5007F 15 Amp Saw
  • Patented Accu-Square keeps cut accuracy 0f 1/64″
  • Cuts a Multitude of Material, easily changing from Saw to Router to Knife
  • Accu-Glide sealed bearings make for smooth repetition for cuts
  • Clean Dust Collection System
  • Mid shelf for cutting smaller projects at waist height (optional)
  • Spring Hold Down for Material
  • Folding Stand and Frame Wheels allow for easy transportation




Pivoting Knife                                                   Dual Rip Pointers                                      Sealed Steal Bearings
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Cut thin poly-carbonate or thicker plastic acrylics and anything in between!

Your cuts need to be clean, fast, and accurate. The Sign Maker Package has all the tools you need to get this job done and works with a variety of thickness. Use the 15 AMP Makita circular saw or the Pivoting Knife Cutter. Both of these inserts work with our Mid-Fence option for cutting smaller pieces without having to bend over to the bottom of the saw. Safety barriers are being installed everywhere to create separation and protection. Meeting these standards doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Saw Trax has a variety of cutting supplies that can help you.

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Cutting Plastics for Protective Barriers

·         Perfect machine for cutting your plastic blanks

·         Depth of cut up to 1 3/4 inch

·         Cut Accuracy up to 1/64 inch

·         Available Accessory Insert Plates for various sign making materials

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