The Multi-Directional Scoop Dolly


Moving tall, long, and heavy objects can be tricky and often take some maneuvering and creative problem solving get the job done. The Scoop Dolly takes away those time-consuming jobs and makes them faster with its innovative design.  See it lifting the boss here!

SCOOP 140856 Picture2

(Base Model Shown)

The scoop dolly has a tilt mechanism that allows for easy lifting and one person use unlike a standard door dolly. Using dollies this way is all about balance and keeping your center of gravity. The Scoop Dolly makes this possible by having locking legs that adjust the angle. The Scoop Dolly is a pivoting hand truck-like device that is easy to slide under objects while the dolly stays flat on the floor.  The object is tilted back onto the dolly using the scoop.  This type of pivoting handle keeps the casters flat on the floor. Since casters are not angled this dolly doesn’t cause the internal bearings to fail.

Now you aren’t struggling to keep the bulky item up on the wheels. Once loaded and tilted back, the load on the Scoop Dolly remains stable without needing to be supported by the operator. Load it and roll it or walk away!



The dolly has omni-directional casters so the load can be moved in any direction. This allows for so much freedom when moving your load. Unlike conventional door dollies or drywall carts, the carrying section pivots instead of the entire dolly. This makes the dolly ergonomically easy to use by one person.

The Scoop Dolly has some great additions that really make jobs easier as well. Our standard dolly can carry up to 800 lbs. but upgrades to a heavy duty 1000 lbs.  The scoop starts with BULLET PROOF CONSTRUCTION!!!

The Scoop Dolly has:

Saw Trax is proud of the innovative Scoop Dolly. This dolly makes loading or unloading top-heavy objects a breeze. With the optional leverage bar, other heavy objects like bureaus and furniture can also be loaded easily. Moving tall, long, and heavy objects shouldn’t be a stressful job, and with the Scoop Dolly, it isn’t.  Moving the big box!

Don’t forget to come see the Scoop Dolly and much more at our booth at MODEX 2020!

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