Some Manufacturing is Coming Home to America, But Some Never Left

The state of American manufacturing is certainly in a much more difficult place than it used to be just a few decades ago. We have lost thousands of jobs to many foreign regions through the forces of globalization, and we’re still trying to learn how to handle the consequences.

Luckily, though, some are working to reverse the damaging effects of outsourcing jobs. More and more companies from coast to coast are bringing back jobs to the red, white and blue. However, let us not forget the companies that never left! In other words, not all American companies outsource their products. Like us, for example! The Saw Trax vertical panel saw is one such product that has been manufactured in America since day one.

Vertical panel sawAt Saw Trax, all of our panel saws and carts, with the exception of our panel express cart and handheld knife cutter, are made in the USA. Although we have a few parts manufactured overseas, we are proud to put “Made in the USA” on most of our products. We understand the importance of supporting and embracing American manufacturing, at whatever the cost.

However, that’s not to say that we don’t have a presence overseas. We export many panel saws to Europe, the Middle East (Blue Rhine, a big dealer in Dubai), South America, Asia and Australia. We’re also meeting with some of the world’s largest furniture dealers to work out  deals on furniture carts. While we support at-home manufacturing, we also recognize the importance of doing business on a global scale. After all, we live in an interconnected world.

To reiterate, the bottom line is that not all American companies outsource their products. Some items make sense to be fabricated here, in the states. Saw Trax’s Yellow Dolly, for instance.

Saw Trax Yellow Dolly
The Yellow Dolly shown here is loaded with a Queen Mattress and box spring.

With rising salaries in China, a lesser valued dollar to the Chinese Yuan, combined with long lead times, high transportation and duty costs, along with lower quality workmanship and higher defect rates, it’s just making more sense to manufacture at home. Not only does it make patriotic sense, it also makes fiscal sense now.

So, where do you stand? People and groups from all parts of the country are determined to bring back the manufacturing jobs that have left and to strengthen the ones that have stayed. The Re-shoring Initiative is one such group.

Part Two

Not many people have heard of the idea of reshoring, but efforts to reintroduce high-paying manufacturing jobs are being pursued in earnest. Many non-profit organizations have been reaching out to various regions across the country, starting the conversations necessary to improve job prospects in the U.S.

Reshoring Initiative As this article published by reports, experts on the process of reshoring are having public meetings in Alabama, one of many states that have been threatened by the reduction of salaried factory positions. The founder of Chicago’s Reshoring Initiative, Harry Mosey, spoke to state economic development and business officials in the middle of May to discuss the potential of implementing programs designed to increase the number of high-paying jobs in this region.

Mosey’s speech was hosted by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. Manufacturing has a strong tie to economic development; capitalism is based on the ability to create wealth by selling products. Public forums, like this one in Birmingham, AL, can show our country’s citizens how to get involved and support a stronger economy.

Here at Saw Trax, we’re always encouraged to hear about those individuals who are trying to strengthen manufacturing in our nation. If you need factory or manufacturing equipment, our saws, carts, dollies and accessories can handle a range of jobs. From sign cutters to panel saws to beam saws and more, we have the inventory that will greatly improve your factory operations. We develop our innovative equipment and ship it out right from our facility in Kennesaw, GA.


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