See You At MODEX 2020!

It’s official, Modex 2020 is Less than a week away!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone there &
are busy in our facility building and packing for the show.




You may have seen in previous blog posts and the February SawTrax News that we are bringing some incredible Material Handling tools to this year’s show floor.  From our tried and trusted yel-Low Safety Dolly and Scoop Dolly to our new and exciting Lift Dolly and Shuttle Dolly, we look to bring solutions that make working in your warehouse, distribution center or supply and logistics division easier, safer, and more productive.


Is your facility littered with hand trucks and flat carts?  Condense your footprint with the versatile and capable yel-Low Safety Dolly.  A great asset when moving in-house equipment and furniture as well.

Are you having trouble loading tall, long and just plain out of the ordinary crates into your trucks?  Be like the Third-Party Logistics and Transportation services companies from around the country that have been grabbing their Scoop Dollies with optional Dock Transition Wheels to add to their Loading Dock Equipment.

Ecommerce with parcel, freight and cargo is on the rise; is your facility ready?  With the implementation of our Fulfillment Dolly to our product line we are helping to address the narrow cross-docking facilities that are popping up across in the horizon.

Are you picking and shipping?  All size packages are welcome as our configurable post systems offer outstanding vertical and horizontal capacity.  And our “indestructible” manufacturing makes Saw Trax carts and dollies sustainable equipment for your facilities.

We have some great demonstrations to show you and would love to have you test out our innovative dollies yourself.
Please come say “hello” and meet our great team!

Pictured left to right:
(Jacob; Christopher; Derek; Owner: Mike; Art; Robert; Allen)

Just head right after entering and find us at Booth #8802

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