Another Great Show-IBS 2019

Saw Trax owner, Mike Della Polla, and Saw Trax General Manager, Christopher Main were manning our booth at IBS 2019.

It was another great show!

Our featured product, the Scoop Dolly, was a big hit.  It’s perfect for moving windows and doors, and also for moving our very own Christopher in a Box!  It’s also great for moving large appliances.  Mike invented it out of his own need to move and load our vertical panel saws.  It solved his problem — maybe it could solve one of yours!

IBS 2019 Video Team

Chistopher hanging on tight!

Lowering Christopher to vertical

Leverage is the reason the Scoop Dolly is so safe and easy for one person handle large and heavy items such as windows and doors.



Scoop Dolly at a window warehouse
Scoop Dolly At Work at a window manufacturer
Scoop dolly with pre-hung door loaded
Pre-hung door, loaded all by herself!










If you’d like to talk to us about the Scoop Dolly, send us an email or give us a call at 770-924-0021!


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