Saw Trax 1052 vs Competitors H-4 Silver Package

At Saw Trax, we are all about manufacturing products that are easy to use. Not easy to make. We go the extra mile to make sure your vertical panel saws get the job done and get it done right.

Let’s see how the Saw Trax 1052 compares with our competitors H-4 with silver package.

The 1052, like all our other saws, has our patented accu-square alignment system. Your vertical panel saw will come to you already squared. Our unique saw carriage has 2 locks instead of 1 and allows for many great optional interchangeable cutting tools. The saws carriages are held to the guide tubes with 12 steal sealed roller bearings. These won’t become brittle and crack or shift over time like our competitors U-bolts.

Ours                                                                                              Theirs


Alignment is important for any vertical panel saw. At Saw Trax, we have 18 centered material rollers that hold your material. Our competition, however, uses 14 adjustable rollers. This makes aligning our competitors’ rollers a difficult process that requires a custom-made tool and leaves little room for error on the users part.

All of our saws come with a 7.25 inch blade that is non-proprietary and can be easily found. Our competitor can’t say the same with their non-standard 8” blade.
This blade is protected from damage and you are protected from the blade with the guard attached. Our competitors’ saw  has no guard and their blade is exposed.
Unlike our competitor, our saw motor includes a viewing port for a closer look at your cuts.

Ours                                                                                      Theirs


You can easily move our saw into your workspace and set up in seconds thanks to our folding stand and transport wheels. Both come factory attached on the 1052 model and make moving your saw a breeze. Our competitors stand must be installed by the user and can’t be adjusted. Attaching the stand is a long and complicated process. The wheels also must be installed by the user and lifting the saw frame is the only way to place them.


(As you can see in the last picture, this poor design has no durability. The stand components of our competitors can easily be bent and damaged.)


The 1052, like all of our other saws, allows for rip cuts in both directions, which means we have two rip pointers for maximum accuracy on either side. The h-4 only had one rip pointer…. Because it only cuts in one direction… You have to cut from left to right.

Our saw frames have a quick stop that is easy to use on both sides. The competitions quick stop has to be mounted and secured in several places and can only be used on one side of the saw frame.

Ours                                                                                             Theirs

Our dust collection system is like no other. With a dust hood and brush included and factory attached, your workspace can stay neater and cleaner. The competitions dust collection system must be attached by the user. The process is tedious, and you could easily damage their system if not installed properly.

Just above the accu-square, you will see our optional frames dust collection that helps reduce the workspace dust. The center support is used for small material that doesn’t reach the material rollers. The material will be supported for cutting unlike our competition.

When held together, it becomes clear that the Saw Trax doesn’t take short cuts in providing a vertical panel saw built with the customer in mind. 

The 1052 coming in at approximately $3,099 and the H-4 Silver Package being over $500 more at approximately $3,676.

For a complete walk through on our differences, please watch our comparison video. 

To check out the 1052 click here!

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