The Low Dolly that Goes Outside

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MovePro is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Designed for moving house hold items, the MovePro offers the same great features and capabilities as our yel_Low Dolly but with dock transition wheels and two 62.5" posts that have wheels on the ends for greater horizontal carrying capability. This moving dolly is the perfect companion allowing you to move mattresses, head boards, wide screen TV’s and other items up to 1000 lbs. Low profile design makes for easy loading!



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MovePro Features

The MovePro is the answer for using the yel-Low Safety Dolly outside.  It has wheels on the front and back side and a fifth wheel in the center to allow it to transition the top of a ramp.  They also allow the dolly to be tilted back like a hand-truck to allow it to get over a step or curb.

The Saw Trax post system is what makes all of our dolly carts unique. Posts can be used vertically or horizontally to carry everything in a household from boxed goods, headboards, mattresses, bookshelves and more.

The MovePro uses 2 different pairs lengths of posts, 56″ and 62.5″. The 62″ posts are designed to use the optional post wheels.  By varying the length of the post wheels, you can use a set or two sets horizontally to customize the length of the dolly to what is being carried.  For instance, if you are moving a 48″ bureau, your dolly is no longer than needed making it easier to maneuver in a home.

The MovePro dolly can move mattresses, appliances or sofas up with ease.

Cart dimensions: 30″L x 25″W x 5.25″ H 

Swivel casters allow for true zero turn radius. Casters are mounted inside the steel body of the dolly protecting them from damage. Center caster allows the cart to easily crest the top of ramps and glide over curbs!

Post casters allow the cart to greatly increase the carry capacity without worrying about the balance of the dolly while loading.

Interchangeable post system can be reconfigured depending on the load you are carrying. Posts fit either horizontally or vertically, and can be used to fit narrow items such as mattresses or TVS or removed for large items such as couches or desks!

 Exterior casters allow the cart to effortlessly cross obstacles including ramps, curbs, uneven surfaces and more. The exterior casters even help with stairs!

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