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We are pleased to announce that we are adding two new products to our line of material handling equipment - the SawTrax Job Site Shuttle Dolly and Job Site Scoop Dolly. These heavy-duty dollies are specifically designed for outdoor use and can handle materials weighing up to 800 lbs. They feature a durable powder-coated steel frame and large, foam filled all terrain flat free tires for easy maneuverability on rough terrain.

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Jobsite Scoop Dolly

Job-Site Scoop Dolly moving windows

The new job site scoop dolly is a highly innovative material handling solution designed for outdoor use. With its unique scoop design, it provides a quick and efficient way to move materials such as windows, panels, doors, and more. The dolly features a durable and sturdy construction that can handle heavy loads, making it ideal for use in construction, landscaping, and other outdoor industries. It has a maneuverable design, allowing it to easily navigate around obstacles. The scoop dolly also features multiple tie-down points to secure your materials in place, and it can be easily emptied with a simple tilt of the scoop. Whether you need to move large quantities of materials, or simply need a quick and efficient way to clean up a job site, the new job site scoop dolly is the perfect tool for the job.





Job Site Scoop on site from Saw Trax on Vimeo.

The Job Site Scoop Dolly uses seven flat free tires.  Four of these swivel and lock and 3 are fixed.  The lip and supports are 72″ wide.

The tires are attached to a 4″ by .25″ aluminum angle that is attached to the dolly body.  Two fixed flat free 10″ tires are attached under the body. The seventh fixed tire is slid into the box of the base to provide a wider footprint while on the job site.

Instead of bolts holding the blade portion to the cart portion (as in the normal scoop), pins are used.  This allows the user to take these components apart while in transport greatly reducing it’s footprint.   Recently we realized that in this disassembled configuration, with the use of additional posts, the cart portion can be used independently for the transport of windows.  This was recently discovered when a customer came by who liked the post version of the JS Shuttle and asked if posts can be used with the JS Scoop.  The answer was yes.  Two windows can be transported and with the addition of a small 1″ X 4″ plank, the screws on the angle can be covered to carry a third window.

A cable is attached to one of the adjustable saddle posts to keep the load from tilting during transport.

An optional 8″ lip can be attached to the blade for carrying smaller heavy items like cement board.   This lip is adjustable so that the center of gravity of the load can be kept over the dolly body for stable transport.

The unit ships fully assembled on a 72″ skid.


Shown with optional adjustable 8″ lip in full back position.

Job Site Scoop Dolly loaded
Moving a 12′ wide by 8′ window


Detachable lip for easy transport, Posts can be used for carrying windows when lip is detached.  Vertical posts sold separately.

Customer gave us the idea of using the cart body independently of lip by using vertical posts in the saddle post slots for carrying windows.



A plank can be added to cover screws so a third window can be loaded.


The Job Site Scoop ships fully assembled on a custom pallet.

Jobsite Shuttle Dolly

Job-Site Shuttle Dolly going down rampThe new job site shuttle dolly is a highly versatile and durable material handling solution designed for outdoor use. With its sturdy construction, it can carry heavy loads across tough job sites, making it ideal for use in construction, landscaping, and other outdoor industries. The dolly features a maneuverable design, making it easy to navigate around obstacles, and it has multiple tie-down points to securely hold your materials in place. Whether you need to move heavy equipment, building materials, or even bulk goods, the new job site shuttle dolly is the perfect tool to get the job done.

Job Site Shuttle Dolly from Saw Trax on Vimeo.


The Job Site Shuttle was originally made as a “Custom Dolly” for a large manufacturing customer. Their requirements were to have brakes, be able to go up a 23″ ramp of a truck, be stable on a job site and go over sand and mud wile loaded. To meet these requirements we used 15″ by 6″ tractor tires, making the footprint 43″ wide. The wide footprint would allow for top heavy loads like patio doors to traverse sloped terrain. The six 86″ steel vertical posts are laser cut to allow for E track straps to be attached to secure a load. Two 72″ steel handles are provided for pushing or pulling the dolly.  Four 5″ fixed casters are attached under the deck with our ramp transition wheels to allow the dolly to go up a 23″ ramp.



There is a second axle position that raises the body of the dolly 2″ giving it 5.5 inches of ground clearance.  See comparison below.


Job Site Shuttle ECO

Since everyone does not have the requirements of going up a 23″ truck ramp, (trailer ramps are much wider) we decided to come out with a lower cost version for the economy minded user.  This version uses 12+” inch by 3″ flat free tires, four 86″ vertical posts and two 72″ steel handles.  With the smaller tires, the width is 36″ wide.   Brakes can be added as an accessory.

This is designed to be used on flatter more prepared surfaces like crush and run, some grass and pavements.  It does not have the gross weight capability of the normal JS Shuttle since it uses 5/8″ axles instead of the 3/4″ steel axles of it’s bigger brother.

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