Folding Stand, Transport Wheels, and Hardware

Folding Stand, Transport Wheels, and Hardware FSTNDWL< FSTNDWL FSTNDWL Saw Trax
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Add a folding stand to your Saw Trax Basic and Classic models. Kit includes two legs, a cross brace, and folding hinges for the folding stand to mount to the panel saw frame. Transport wheels can quickly be added to make moving your panel saw around the shop a breeze. Each set of Transport Wheels includes two wheels which mount to the bottom of the panel saw frame.

Weight:20 lbs.

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The Folding Stand is available for the Basic and Classic Series only because it comes attached on all of the other series of panel saws.

The all steel folding stand tilts your machine back at 15 degrees for ease of use.  It folds and unfolds like a ladder using ladder hinges.

It comes with two steel legs, two hinges and an X brace to further brace the legs 10 screws and 10 lock-nuts.  The lock-nuts keep the nuts from backing off from the vibration of the machine in use.   It uses two steel legs with a welded bracket on the top.  This bracket is a safety feature that  keeps the leg from pivoting further back should the ladder hinge fail.

Like everything we do here at Saw Trax, we try to overbuild and eliminate problems before they occur.  That is why this is the best stand in the industry.