Flip Stop System

Available in two sizes: 56" FSTP56 or 96" FSTP96

Flip Stop System FSTP56< FSTP56 FSTP56 Saw Trax
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$ 319.00 2022-02-19 In stock
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  • Perfect for use with longer sheets or where cutting exact lengths repetitively.
  • Can be placed on either the right or left side of machine.
  • Includes specialized aluminum extrusion, measuring tape and two adjustable stops.
  • Available in 56″ or 96″ lengths.
  • When ordering, please specify size: 56" FSTP56 or 96" FSTP96
Price:$319.00 - $379.00
Weight:7 lbs.

Available ModelsPrice
56" Flip Stop- #FSTP56$319.00
96" Flip Stop- #FSTP96$379.00

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