Panel Saws and Knife Cutters in a Sign Shop

Cutting substrates to size is an everyday operation in a sign shop. The time spent cutting  2ft x 3ft panels out of a sheet of MDO, cutting blanks out of a PVC board, or ripping a sheet of coroplast in half all adds up.

One of the ways to add efficiency to your shop is to have the tools that make the most common operations faster and easier. For sheet goods, a combination panel saw/knife cutter like our Sign Maker’s Series panel saw can really make those cutting tasks a breeze.

Our Sign Maker’s Series will help you make the most of the things that every sign shop doesn’t have enough of; space, time and money. Since it is a combination machine you do not have to have space for two seperate machines in your shop. The footprint of a panel saw is much smaller because it works in the vertical plane and not the horizontal like a table mounted cutter. You save time because material handling and tool setup goes faster. The switch from the saw to the knife cutter is quick – about 10 seconds. This is far less time than it takes to clear a table of debris to make a few quick cuts with your utility knife. You save money because the cost of our Sign Maker’s panel saw is less than buying other types of substrate cutters that can only handle a few of the different substrates that sign shops deal with daily.

With a Saw Trax panel saw you can cut almost any size blank out of any material; aluminum, acrylics, foam board, corrugated plastic, PVC, aluminum composite material, plywood and even HDU. Virtually every sheet stock that’s popular for sign work can be cut.

Unlike other cutters, our substrate cutter can cut both width and height with both saw and knife. Other cutters only cut in one direction, so you could not cut a 4ft x 8ft sheet into two 2ft x 8ft sheets, while a Saw Trax Sign Maker’s panel saw could handle this cut with ease.

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