Now on the Big Screen and soon on the Little Screen, Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saws and Dollies

Late in September, the block buster movie “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington will be opening in movie theaters all over the Nation. The movie is set in a Home Depot type store that is using the Saw Trax 2064 vertical panel saw. In this trailer, 27 seconds from the beginning, you will see the Saw Trax Vertical panel saw on the left side of the screen. A Dolly Max Dolly was also used in the filming of this movie. The Dolly Max is an All-Terrain, All-Purpose dolly cart. Both tools were returned after the movie was shot.

In early September Chip Wade, the star of the HGTV series “Elbow Room” stopped by the Saw Trax factory to discuss using a Vertical Panel Saw and a dolly for his hit show.
He was impressed with the onsite capability of the Compact 52 Varsity panel saw and the versatility of the Dolly Max All-Terrain and All-Purpose dolly.

Elbow Room with Chip Wade
Chip Wade from Elbow room on HGTV

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