New Prototype Dolly, looks like it hovers….

Because of the demand in the moving industry for a “Low Rider” version of the Dolly Max, Saw Trax, the makers of Vertical Panel saws are adding a new dolly to their line of carts but has yet to name it.

Right now it is referred to as the Hover Dolly because it appears to hover like the Hover Board from the Back to the Future series of movies.

The all steel dolly uses a pole system similar to the Dolly Max all purpose dolly but sits much lower to the ground topping out at 5.25 inches.  (A quarter inch lower than standard moving dollies.)

Even though it does sit lower, it uses larger 4″ casters that help it move better than the 3″ casters of the standard floor dollies.

The Prototype is currently being tested by Havertys and Aarons and should be in full production by the end of April.  This item will not be sold through distribution because of the higher manufacturing costs of being made in the USA.   For more information contact Saw Trax at

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