Necessity is the mother of the Scoop Dolly

Woman loading a 20' staircase onto scoop dolly

Press Release, Kennesaw GA, August 21, 2017

by Mike Della Polla, President, Saw Trax Mfg. Co., Inc.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, said the founder of Saw Trax Mfg. Inc. a vertical panel saw manufacturing company. They needed a way to move the long, top heavy crated panel saws around the factory and into the freight trucks.

Moving a long top-heavy object with a forklift is a difficult and dangerous process. The panel saws are over 10 feet long and 500 lbs. Some need special trucks with extra high freight doors for some models. Besides a forklift driver, a man had to walk in front to stabilize the panel saw crate so it didn’t fall over.

By marrying a lifting and pivoting mechanism to their yel-Low Dolly, Saw Trax could make the Scoop Dolly. The Scoop Dolly is like a pivoting hand truck mounted to a dolly so the load can move in any direction. The arms of the scoop are supported when tilted by 2 support arms that can be placed in 4 bracing positions allowing to change the angle of the scoop to keep the center of gravity of an item over the dolly. This way you can carry a 3-foot-high set of stairs or an 8-foot-high door or window group by adjusting the support arms.

“Our insurance agent told us that we should show the scoop dolly to a couple of his staircase manufacturing clients” said Michael Della Polla, the President of Saw Trax.  “We would have never thought of the staircase manufacturing industry. The first two companies we showed the Scoop Dolly to bought it as soon as we demonstrated it. They told us it turned a four-man job of moving a staircase, into a one-man job.”

Later that month, it was demonstrated it to a door and window manufacturer. “When I saw the gathering of workers starting to smile from ear to ear, I knew we had a winner for the door/window industry,” said Mr. Della Polla.

The all steel and powder coated Scoop Dolly starts at $799. You can get an optional dock transition kit for $99.95 and a brake set for $109.95. A leverage handle is also available for moving large boxes that are not so top heavy like furniture. This handle is a $300 upgrade.

Compared to a forklift moving top heavy objects, the Scoop Dolly is much faster to load, faster to move and faster to unload. It also makes the job much safer.

For more information on the Scoop Dolly and other innovative dolly options contact Saw Trax Mfg. at or 888-SAW-TRAX.


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