Leverage is the key!

Leverage is the key!

The Scoop Dolly design came about because of our own need to move the vertical panel saws we build.  Just like the one in the video above, these saws can weigh up to 655 pounds and we needed a better way to move and load them.  And when everyone’s busy working, the Scoop Dolly makes it easy for one person to handle the job!

So easy in fact, that you can be a petite woman in heels!

The Scoop Dolly is great for a variety of industries (such as window & door companies and staircase manufacturers) and warehouses; for products from large appliances to large boxed furniture!

If you need to move bulky, large, top-heavy or heavy items, the Scoop Dolly is perfect for you.  In many situations, the Scoop Dolly can take the place of a forklift, as well as reducing lifting injuries and workman’s comp claims.  Check it out here!


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