Journey of a “Built-to-Order” Cart

You ordered a dolly and it is on its way!

  1. We just received our most recent order for our “built to order” yel-Low Safety Dollies and the technicians diligently piece them together. This order includes dock transition wheels!

  1. This customer requested 35 carts stacked and shipper to them unboxed, but shipping boxes are available for standard models.

  1. With so many carts, there are so many posts! This order has 210 – 62” posts to be exact.
    That’s a lot of VERSATILITY!

  1. Technicians take great care to secure the carts for transport with stacking. Not to short, not to tall, just right for shipment!

  1. Snug as a bug in a rug! The shipment is loaded and heading to its working destination. We are so grateful for our customers!

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