IWF 2014, All Hands on Deck


With the biggest booth Saw Trax has had at the International Woodworking Fair the 2014 IWF show was incredibly busy and successful. The 20′ x 30′ booth contained 4 vertical panel saws, a small beam saw and 5 different carts and dollies. With up to 9 sales people at a time in the booth everyone was busy. The six TV’s acted as extra salespeople to explain the products when the live salespeople were with customers.


Larry Holbrook discusses the Panel Router version of the Compact 64 machine while Vicki Karraker discusses the Compact 52 Varsity vertical panel saw. The steady flow of people coming into the hall can be seen coming down the escalator in the background.

Panel Saw Video 


At times, all 8 sales people were engaged with customers at the IWF show explaining either the Vertical Panel Saws or the dollies and carts.


The unique features of the Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saw, like a patented squaring system, a carriage that can use multiple tool inserts like a router or a knife, and a tool tracking system that uses real bearings, were explained to customers.


Here, Michael Paul Della Polla points out the self adjusting feature of the Panel Express while Jo Gee demonstrates with a clear piece of acrylic. The large tires make it great for shop or granite or glass delivery / install use.

Panel Express video



The off the shelf Makita Saw has a built in light to illuminate a cut line on material and the 2.5″ dust hose along with a dust brush under the saw, combine to provide the best dust collection system of any vertical panel saw in its class.


Essence Chandler explains the Dolly Max All-Terrain All-Purpose dolly. In this version Wheel Barrow handles are shown to facilitate movement of materials off of a prepared surface. The dolly is available with pneumatic or foam tires and can function like a wheel barrow over rough terrain.

Dolly Max Video


Libby Pratt manned the Dual Arm saw (Beam Saw) which uses a 16″ Makita saw with a 6″ depth of cut and a 30″ cross cut capability. It is great for cutting 6 by 6’s or pre-formed countertops or any material that is thick and needs an accurate cut. Libby liked to demonstrate the light and smooth throw of the saw which uses 8 sealed bearings on horizontal guide rails. The Table has a unique self cleaning feature and is designed so that saw dust will not affect material alignment against the fences.

Dual Arm Saw Video


Stefani Ridling demonstrates the carrying capacity of the Panel Express shelf while Jo Gee man’s the acrylic sheet that demonstrates the self adjusting capacity of the Panel Express. For a testimonial of the Panel Express, click on the

Testimonial Video


In the fore ground, Jo Gee discusses the Panel Express. In the back ground, Michael Paul mans the yel-Low Safety Dolly. The yel-Low Safety Dolly, along with the Movers Max dolly, made their show debuts at the IWF show. The yel-Low Safety dolly can be used as an all-purpose mover in the shop or as an all caster rolling rack to transport sheet materials to and from equipment.
yel_Low Safety Dolly Video


At the end of the day on the fourthday of the show with one person leaving early, the “Crew” pose for a picture before going home.
From Left to right are Rachel Read, Vicki Karraker, Essence Chandler, Michael Della Polla, Larry Holbrook, Jo Gee and Michael Paul Della Polla.

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