Is Your Old Door Dolly Costing You Almost $9000 in the Next 2 Years?

Door Dolly
Saving money buying a used Door Dolly, or simply relying on a cheaper model (waiting for it to break) is actually costing you time and productivity, which is a secret killer to your profit margins.

Many millwork businesses continue to rely on their old gray door dollies, postponing the upgrade to a more efficient and safer Scoop Dolly until the older model fails. This blog aims to illuminate the financial implications of this decision. In the brief time it takes to read this post, you’ll understand how this choice could potentially cost your company nearly $9,000 over the next two years.

Let’s start with a basic analysis, making a few assumptions for clarity. If you find any of these assumptions to be unrealistic, please feel free to reach out:

  1. The door dolly is utilized three times daily.
  2. The older gray dolly requires an additional person to assist with loading and unloading because the dolly must be tilted.
  3. The employee earns $20 per hour.
  4. Factoring in benefits, vacation, medical, and payroll taxes, the total cost of employing this individual is $40 per hour.
  5. The additional time spent by a second employee amounts to a waste of 10 minutes per use, which includes the time taken for the employee to leave their workstation, assist with moving the door, and then return to their previous productivity levels.

Under these assumptions, using a Scoop Dolly, which requires only one person, saves about 30 minutes daily, or 2.5 hours per week. At an hourly cost of $40, this equates to a weekly saving of $100.

The purchase price of a Scoop Dolly, equipped with enhancements such as a weight capacity upgrade to 1,000 lbs and dock transition wheels for easier truck loading, is around $1,347. Including shipping costs for a fully assembled unit, the total investment comes to approximately $1,500.

This investment breaks even in just about 15 weeks, or roughly 3.5 months. Over the subsequent 37 weeks, your productivity savings would amount to $3,700. Extending these savings into a second year, the total reaches approximately $8,900.

If you’re considering waiting until your old dolly breaks down, perhaps a proactive approach—like symbolically taking a sledgehammer to it—would be more beneficial. This not only allows you to begin reaping financial benefits sooner but also helps in reducing workplace injuries with the introduction of the Saw Trax Scoop Dolly.

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