Forklift compatible? Read on!

Saw Trax is developing an addition to the yel-Low Safety Dolly for distribution centers that want to brace items vertically on a dolly and move them a distance with a forklift or Electric Pallet Jack. Since some distribution centers are over 1,000.000+ square feet, it is not practical to push the dolly long distances when a mechanized option saves time.  This version can be picked up with a forklift, maneuvered close to an item,  load the item (or two), then moved  again with the forklift, dropped off at a dock and then rolled into a truck.  Dollies can be bolted together to increase capacity per trip using the same post system to brace materials during transport.

The horizontal fork posts can be removed when not in use and stored vertically on the dolly saving floor space or permanently mounted to the sides.

Forklift cart 004 Forklift cart 003 Forklift cart 002 Forklift cart 001

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