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Customizing Scoop Dolly to meet your needs
Conversation at the supply vending machine company.

My goal is to design and build the carts and dollies that solve material handling problems.  The original Scoop Dolly was the result of my own need to move our vertical panel saws in the safest and simplest way.

Last week, I met with someone who wants to use our Scoop Dolly to drop a vending machine door onto a pin attached to the frame.

He already likes how the Scoop Dolly makes it easier to move his vending machines and their components.  But he also needed a product that would help him in other ways.

Some of his machines have two doors, an upper and a lower, and he was thinking that if the scoop dolly could help him drop on the top door, like he drops on the lower door onto the pin that holds it, it would add value to just moving the pieces around.

By learning his product and his problem, over the next two days I designed and built the prototype.

The door is positioned tilted back and then when tilted upright, the hole in the bottom of the door lines up over the pin and the door is positioned. It allows one person to attach the door instead of two, and makes it easier on the one person because the door is always supported. This version has a three position shelf.

The resulting prototype allowed him to drop on the top door like he drops on the lower door onto the pin that holds it.  Problem solved!

If you have a material handling challenge, send us an email!  Maybe Saw Trax can help you solve it with a cart or dolly made to meet your needs.

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