Cute And Creative Ideas With Coroplast®

It’s not just for yard signs!  You might never have heard of Coroplast®, but you’ve definitely seen it (corrugated + plastic = coroplast)!  Last year’s midterm elections brought yard signs out in force, and those sturdy visuals are made of Coroplast®.

It comes in sheets, in a variety of sizes and colors, is very affordable, and is extremely durable. And because it’s inexpensive and sturdy, it’s not just for signage anymore!

If you’re helping decorate a school, church, or local theater production, consider Coroplast® for your set design. Check out some of these ideas.

Because Coroplast® is weather-proof, it is great for outdoor holiday decorating! Spice up your Halloween with some yard ghosts, your Christmas decorations with some gifts on the lawn.  Pinterest is LOADED with ideas (of course… that’s why it exists!).

You will need to be able to CUT the Coroplast®, however, and for that you will need a special cutter.  Not surprisingly, we are partial to ours!  You’ll also want to pick up coro-pins to hold your corners together.  Learn what you need to know about cutting your Coroplast® from our video below.  Happy creating!

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