Biddi-Knife Replacement Heads

Bi-Directional cutting heads for Biddi Safety Knife sold in pairs.

The Biddi Safety Knife is a unique tool that allows for the safe cutting of material either forward or backwards. When the cutting heads get dull, replacement heads can be purchased saving the cost of buying a whole new tool.

Price: $24.95

Coro-Claw X Replacement Heads

Replacement head for the 10 mm coro cutter, Coro-Claw X. Comes in pairs.

The offset, beveled and longitudinally displaced cuttings heads of the Coro-Claw X are the most innovative of the cutting heads. This patented design makes the thicker walls of the 10 mm Coro slice as easily as cutting 4 mm Coro.

Price: $41.95

Coro-Claw Replacement Cutting Heads

Replacement Head for Coro-Claw, (CCD4), comes in pairs.

The Coro-Claw cutting head can be replaced should it ever become dull. These come in pairs.

Price: $21.95

Forklift posts with bracket, pair (2)

Lift and move your yel-Low Safety Dollies with a forklift over long distances. Great for warehouse use. Keep top heavy loads from pulling the dolly off of the forks.

A welded bracket is welded to the end of a 47" post. The posts can be stored on the dolly vertically when not in use and used on opposing sides of the dolly horizontally when in use. The dolly can be rolled onto the forks so the brackets attach to the forks or the forks can be driven into the brackets. This keeps a top heavy load on the dolly from pulling the dolly off of the forks of the forklift. Much safer way to transport the dolly with a forklift.

Price: $149.95