Vertical Panel Saw

A Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saw is the only vertical panel saw using sealed steel bearings giving a more accurate, smoother, easier and reliable cut. Other vertical panel saw manufacturers use plastic bearings. Though vertical panel saws may look alike, the Devil is in the details. See our standard features and packages for other details that make our vertical panel saw the best value in the industry.

Saw Trax 1000 Series Vertical Panel Saw With Makita Saw Motor

A Full Size Panel Saw for Woodworking and Cabinet Making using a Makita saw motor

The 1000 Series Vertical Panel Saw is for woodworkers, cabinet makers and other customers that need a vertical panel saw to precision cut sheets up to 1¾ inches thick. The industrial Makita 5007 saw motor uses standard 7.25" saw blades and sealed bearings on their carriage for the most accurate and smooth carriage action in the industry.

From $3,979.00 - $5,829.00

2000 Series Makita Hypoid Vertical Panel Saw

Full Size Industrial Panel Saw with Makita Hypoid/Worm Drive Type Saw

When you have sawing to do, and A LOT of it, the 2000 series of vertical panel saws is the panel saw for you. This is the "tank" of the panel saw line with beefed up features for the most demanding jobs. Designed for industrial operations of cutting 50 or more sheets a week, the 2000 Series Vertical Panel Saw can be called on to get the job done. The hypoid Makita saw is basically a maintenance free worm drive saw that doesn't need to have the gear box oil changed.

From $5,359.00 - $5,779.00

3000 Series 10″ Vertical Panel Saw

Break down sheet goods up to 2½ inches thick with precision cuts!

For those looking for a 10" panel saw on a budget, look no further. Now the users have the ability to cut thicker material, like doors, or the convenience of using their 10" table saw blades in a panel saw for way under the $20,000 starting price of other panel saws. The 3000 Series Vertical Panel Saw does not require 3 phase power so you do not need to rewire your shop. Now the smaller, value-oriented buyer has the ability to cut with the 10" saw blades like the more expensive machines at a fraction of the price. This series is ideal for customers that need to break down sheet goods up to 2½ inches thick with precision cuts. We recommend this saw for all users needing a greater depth of cut or the finer cuts offered by the larger 10" saw blades.

From $5,879.00 - $6,299.00

Classic Series Vertical Panel Saw With Makita Saw Motor

The choice for people who know what they want like a smooth and accurate carriage using sealed bearings and a powerful Makita saw motor.

The Classic Series was developed as a lower price point panel saw for an apples-to-apples comparison with the bare bones panel saws that are on the market. They have identical accessories and price points. The differences are the standard features that come with each panel saw. When these are compared, we feel there is "still no comparison" and your choice will be the Saw Trax Machine. Accessories can be purchased as needed instead of the bundled accessory packages we offer in other models. This is the choice of the user who knows what he wants and not what we think he should have. Models come in Compact frames with 52" and 64" cross cuts and Full Size frames with 52", 64" and 76" cross cuts. All models use the Makita 5007F saw.

From $2,409.00 - $4,039.00

Sign Maker’s Series Vertical Panel Saw with Makita Saw and Substrate Cutter

The Sign Maker's Saw That Is The Industry’s Premier Panel Saw and Substrate Cutters. Ours uses the Makita 5007 Saw Motor and OLFA Segmented Knife.

Today's sign shops have needs that are unique to their industry. Restricted floor space, exceptional dust sensitivity and a wide variety of substrates and composite materials of different thicknesses are just a few. They use cutting-edge materials to stand up to the different environments where their work will be displayed. In the past, you needed two cutters, a panel saw for your rigid material and a substrate cutter for your softer material. This arrangement was expensive and took up twice the floor space.

Some shops settled for just a substrate cutter. They were limited to what material they can cut, the size blank they could cut, how thick the material they could use and had to settle for only vertical cuts.

With the Sign Maker Panel Saw and Substrate cutter, sign shops now have one machine for all of their cutting needs; you no longer need to buy a panel saw AND a mat-cutter. It is equipped with specialty accessories for cutting all of the substrates, hard and soft, used in the sign industry in both directions, vertically and horizontally. This "all-cutting" substrate cutter is ideal for making precision cuts in sheet goods that are up to 1¾ inches thick.

From $3,709.00 - $6,489.00

Basic Series Vertical Panel Saw

Just add Your Saw

The Basic Series Vertical Panel Saw includes all the standard equipment of a Saw Trax Panel Saw. It is ideal for cost conscious customers. A universal saw insert is provided so the user can mount his 7 ¼ inch circular saw. The universal plate can be inserted vertically for cross cuts or horizontally for rip cuts. The Basic Panel Saw is ideal for customers that need to break down sheet goods, plywood and panels that are up to 1 ¾ inches thick.
It is available in the following configurations: Compact 52, and Full Size 64. Call for Availability.

From $0.00 - $0.00