Universal Carriage System

  • Quick release system
  • Universal Carriage can be fitted with a standard saw plate, spinning saw insert plate, knife cutter plate, ACM cutter plate or floating router plate.
  • Change plates in approximately eight seconds.
  • Included on all Saw Trax Models.
Price: $389.00

Universal Saw Insert Plate

  • This universal plate will accommodate most 7 ¼ inch saws.
  • Switch from cross to rip cut by removing & rotating the plate, then reinserting it into the carriage.
  • Included on Basic and Panel Saw Kits.
Price: $279.00

Steel Bearings

  • Accu-Glide patented steel bearing system
  • 12 sealed bearings for easy and precise movement.
  • Included on all Saw Trax models.
Price: $179.00

Spinning Saw Insert Plate: Change the Saw, Not the Saw Blade – and Save Time!

  • Have dedicated saw with material blade for different materials, faster to change the saw than the saw blade.
  • Allows user to quickly switch from cross cut to rip cut without removing saw plate
  • Dust collection cover and dust brush included
  • Makita saw included on 1000 and Sign maker’s series panel saws
  • Makita 5477NB Hypoid Drive included on 2000 series panel saws
  • Makita HS0600 10" saw included on 3000 series panel saws
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