Panel Saw Accessories

Coiled Extension Cord

  • Allows you to keep the saw's cord tied up and out of your way.
  • Made for use with 1000 & 2000 Series saws.
Price: $21.00

Dust Containment Brush

  • Dust Brush under the saw plate will channel saw dust up into the dust hose.
  • Brush keeps debris knocked down when rip cutting.
From $68.25 - $99.75

Folding Stand, Transport Wheels, and Hardware

Add a folding stand to your Saw Trax Basic and Classic models. Kit includes two legs, a cross brace, and folding hinges for the folding stand to mount to the panel saw frame. Transport wheels can quickly be added to make moving your panel saw around the shop a breeze. Each set of Transport Wheels includes two wheels which mount to the bottom of the panel saw frame.

Price: $392.70

Wall Mount System for Panel Saw

The Wall Mount System for Compact and Full Size Panel Saws allows you to mount any Saw Trax Panel Saw to a wall. Basic and Classic series saws are ready to mount - all other series require the folding stand to be removed.

From $50.40 - $73.50

Dust Containment Package for Classic Series

  • Dust Containment Brush surrounds saw blade under saw insert so vacuum draws out suspended dust.
  • Coupler for 2.5 connects right to your Shop Vac-type and industrial vacuums (NFPA 664 Approved Vacuum) with 2.5” hoses.
  • 12 foot long, 2.5 inch dust hose is included.
Price: $208.95

Frame Dust Collection

If dust collection is an issue in your shop, this is something you need to get. The bottom of the frame includes an additional port.  As the dust falls down to the bottom, the additional port draws dust away. Includes 4 inch Port, Adapter, & Additional dust guards (4 inch hose or vacuum not included.)

Price: $157.50

James Hardie Dust Collection Upgrade

    The Hardie Dust Collection Upgrade is the only dust collector you will need on your saw! With 3 dust brushes set on the frame and dust pan, a unique hood on the Makita saw, and a unique dust pan. The Hardie Dust Collector is exceptional at removing particulate from the air; it is very effective at removing cement board and fiberglass particulate. This product is the best solution for removing dust while using our vertical panel saws because it caps the board while also having more dust barriers than an average dust collector. ONLY AVAILABLE ON MODELS FEATURING THE MAKITA 5007

    Price: $199.00

Floating Router Insert Plate

  • Floating platform generates uniform dados even on bowed or twisted material.
  • Perfect for V grooving ACM Panels! Make your own dimensional displays and architectural elements!
  • Fits on all current Saw Trax models.
  • Universal design accommodates most router motors.
  • This set up allows the router to follow the contours of the sheet, giving consistent dado even on bowed or warped material.
  • Router not included. (Porter-Cable Model 892 Recommended)
Price: $471.45

OLFA® Pivoting Knife Insert Plate

  • The OLFA® Pivoting Knife Insert Plate is used to cut or score Sintra, Expanded PVC, Coroplast, Gator Foam, Cardboard, and Foam Board.
  • Knife can RIP and cross cut.
  • Uses OLFA® Knife with “snap to sharpen” blades.
  • Switch from Circular saw to knife insert in seconds!
Price: $420.00

ACM Rolling Shear Insert Plate

  • Dust free cutting system.
  • Cuts 3 mm Aluminum Composite material such as Dibond, Maxmetal, Omega Board, Epanel, Polymetal, and more!
  • Two opposing circular cutters pinch the material forcing it to split.
  • Cuts are rounded so there are no sharp edges.
Price: $525.00

Glass Scoring Insert

The Glass Scoring Plate is used to score glass & mirrors so that it may easily be snapped to size.

Price: $399.00

60T Premium Plastics Blade

Perfect for plastics such as Sintra, Lexan, & Styrene. Smooth, clean and melt-free cuts on most plastics.

Price: $126.00

60T Premium Aluminum Blade

Perfect for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. Works well for plywood and other timbers.

Price: $126.00

Laser Guide

  • Set to illuminate cut line of your circular saw or knife cutter insert.
  • Great for trimming prints in the sign industry.
  • Uses standard batteries found locally.
Price: $241.50

Measuring Tapes

  • Self-Adhesive metal tape.
  • Can be applied to left or right side of the machine.
  • Can be used on lower fence or mid-fence.
Price: $21

Flip Stop System

Available in two sizes: 56" FSTP56 or 96" FSTP96

  • Perfect for use with longer sheets or where cutting exact lengths repetitively.
  • Can be placed on either the right or left side of machine.
  • Includes specialized aluminum extrusion, measuring tape and two adjustable stops.
  • Available in 56″ or 96″ lengths.
  • When ordering, please specify size: 56" FSTP56 or 96" FSTP96
From $334.95 - $397.95

Dual Rip Gauge

DRGS52 for 52" cross cut machine, DRGS64 for 64" cross cut machine, DRGS76 for 76" cross cut machine

  • Pointers and measuring tape included in this item.
  • For fast and easy rip cuts.
  • Use the pointer to set rip measurement.
  • An upper and lower pointer can be used to set rip widths from either direction.
  • A lower spring maintains tape measure tension.
  • Please specify cross cut of your machine, 52", 64" or 76" so the correct backing can be sent.
From $52.50 - $52.50

Stop Block with Bar for Strips

  • For fast, repetitive cuts.
  • Strip support allows you to make cuts less than 1 inch wide.
  • Can be placed on right or left lower fence or mid fence.
Price: $126.00

Spinning Saw Insert Plate: Change the Saw, Not the Saw Blade – and Save Time!

  • Have dedicated saw with material blade for different materials, faster to change the saw than the saw blade.
  • Allows user to quickly switch from cross cut to rip cut without removing saw plate
  • Dust collection cover and dust brush included
  • Makita saw included on 1000 and Sign maker’s series panel saws
  • Makita 5477NB Hypoid Drive included on 2000 series panel saws
  • Makita HS0600 10" saw included on 3000 series panel saws
From $0.00 - $0.00

Steel Bearings

  • Accu-Glide patented steel bearing system
  • 12 sealed bearings for easy and precise movement.
  • Included on all Saw Trax models.
Price: $169.99

Universal Saw Insert Plate

  • This universal plate will accommodate most 7 ¼ inch saws.
  • Switch from cross to rip cut by removing & rotating the plate, then reinserting it into the carriage.
  • Included on Basic and Panel Saw Kits.
Price: $259.00

Universal Carriage System

  • Quick release system
  • Universal Carriage can be fitted with a standard saw plate, spinning saw insert plate, knife cutter plate, ACM cutter plate or floating router plate.
  • Change plates in approximately eight seconds.
  • Included on all Saw Trax Models.
Price: $367.50

Mid Fence

Fully adjustable and sold as a pair (left side and right side) the Mid Fence adds a 28" detachable shelf to each side for material support at waist height to your panel saw.

  • Prevent back strain by cutting smaller pieces at waist level.
  • All steel construction – No warping or splintering!
  • Shelf is easily removable for cutting larger sheets
Price: $471.45

Builder’s Extension

  • Set includes two 28″ fence extensions (also available in 56″)
  • Extends Compact wheel base to 10 feet
  • Easily removed for storage or transport
  • Perfect for taking to the job site with a Compact frame panel saw
  • Model BLEXT fits all models except 2000 and 3000 series
  • Model BLXTSS (Steel Sleeves) only fits 2000 and 3000 series
Price: $523.95

Builder’s Extension with Steel Roller Sleeves

  • Set includes two 28″ fence extensions (also available in 56″)
  • Extends Compact wheel base to 10 feet
  • Easily removed for storage or transport
  • Perfect for taking to the job site with a Compact frame panel saw
  • Model BLXTSS (Steel Sleeves) only fits 2000 and 3000 series
Price: $733.95

Sheet Clamp

  • Holds material under carriage so you don’t have to.
  • Especially handy with cutting long narrow pieces on the material rollers or long  pieces on the mid fence.
  • A magnet is used to hold it open and a different magnetic strip holds it onto the center pan.
  • Easily removable when rip cutting.
  • 4 foot model for 52" cross cut vertical panel saws (11 lbs.)
  • 5 foot model for 64" cross cut vertical panel saws (16 lbs.)
From $366.45 - $449.00

Spring Hold Down

  • Holds thinner materials against frame for more material support.
  • Recommended for materials 1/4″ or less.
  • Does not have to be removed when cutting thicker materials.
From $229.95 - $303.45

Steel Sleeved Material Rollers

  • Recommended for high production facilities and steel fabricators
  • Makes material rollers virtually unbreakable
  • Steel sleeves fit over our traditional material rollers
Price: $334.95